FingerTec News  05/10/2017
A New Life with i-Neighbour
Technology is changing the world and the way we live. i-Neighbour brings technology closer to home with its amazing features that elevate modern living. With the use of an App in a smartphone, i-Neighbour offers residents of high-rise condominiums and gated guarded housing total convenience when the system integrates Visitor Management System, Residential Management System as well as an array of IoT Smart Security Series all in one cloud platform for a more advanced and secured lifestyle.

The introduction of i-Neighbour’s amazing smart solution, all hindrances such as waiting for homeowners to allow access into the neighbourhood, lodging complaints, managing payments, handling of security issues and so on, will be a thing of the past while at the same time adding accuracy, convenience and peace of mind for the residents, complete with efficient management and audit trail.

Watch “A New Life with i-Neighbour” and embrace modern living lifestyle within your means and without hassle.

Become a smart community with i-Neighbour. Read more about what i-Neighbour has in store for you.
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