Putra Hill Picks i-Neighbour For Smart Living
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Malaysia | 05/10/2018
Putra Hill is an exclusive bungalows precinct nestled within the serene township of Bukit Rahman Putra in Selangor, Malaysia. Consisting purely of fancily designed bungalows and perched on the hills overlooking the Bukit Rahman Golf & Country Club which is situated just next to it, residents of Putra Hill will be able to luxuriate in the exquisite nature’s view from their homes.

Within Putra Hill, the residential contains various recreational facilities such as café, playground, clubhouse and many more. All that’s left however, is a system to better manage its structure. In regards to this, Putra Hill has been looking for a complete solution that could not only handle its enclave but also improve upon it as well. Taking some advice from our reseller, YTH Info, the Management at Putra Hill soon approached the i-Neighbour Team for the Smart Community Solution in question.

By deploying i-Neighbour, not only can the facilities in Putra Hill be easily managed but likewise the solution also comes with a multitude of module, i.e. Visitor Management platform, Residential Communication platform and Security Management platform. This level of comprehensiveness is exactly what the Management of Putra Hill expects as the residences was previously facing issues such as the security guards being unable to communicate with the residents on the incoming visitors, residents not receiving any announcement updates as well as unreported incidents occurring within the neighbourhood.

Now with i-Neighbour, Putra Hill residents get to enjoy the convenience of Smart Living right from the palm of their own hands. This is because the Smart Community Solution i-Neighbour is made available as a Mobile Application in smartphones. Hence, the Admins, Residents and Security Guards can effortlessly interact in addition to manage the neighbourhood via its numerous handy features including Booking Facility, Announcements, In-App Intercom, Panic Button and etc.

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In-App Intercom
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That said, the Management at Putra Hill is very impressed with the capabilities of our Smart Community System and has thus subscribed 80 of its units into i-Neighbour. Additionally, Putra Hill has also obtained our Smart Siren Kit and Guardhouse Tablet Panel to be used alongside with i-Neighbour for improved efficiency and security. For more information about i-Neighbour, be sure to visit our website provided in the link below.
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