Equine Park Moving Into A Smart Lifestyle
FingerTec News | 05/09/2018
Equine Park, an exclusive residential estate encompassing a 450 acres leasehold land in the township of Seri Kembangan is now back for more after witnessing the results produced by our amazing guard tour solution. As security remains a main concern for the residents and having solved much of its issues with TimeTec Patrol, the Management of Equine Park now directs their attention towards the visitor management aspect within the neighbourhood.

This is because similar with the situation beforehand; the neighbourhood wasn’t utilizing any system to handle its visitors. As such, the security guards would normally provide access for the visitors without a proper method to record the visitation. If allowed to continue, the Management foresees that security issues might occur sooner or later. Hence, when approached by the i-Neighbour Team, Equine Park has thus made it clear that they would like to improve on their visitor management in regards to the efficient guard management provided by TimeTec Patrol. As such, our team offered to deploy i-Neighbour into the neighbourhood.

With i-Neighbour, every visitation carried out within Equine Park neighbourhood will be thoroughly recorded and stored into the cloud alongside a clear audit trail. Therefore, if break-ins were to unfortunately happen, the security guards can still review the records via i-Neighbour Guardhouse Tablet Panel to find out any unauthorized individuals accessing the residences for that particular day. What’s more, access into the residential can likewise be seamless with the integration of i-Neighbour latest Internet of Things (IoT) device known as the BLE-2. How so? The BLE-2 can be installed onto any existing barrier gates and provide any registered residents in i-Neighbour the option to access the neighbourhood via smartphone.

Equine Park is subscribed to i-Neighbour with over 200 user subscriptions and is also enjoying IoT devices offered by our Smart Community Solution, i.e. Guardhouse Tablet Panel and TimeTec BLE-2 for increased security and efficient access. For more information about i-Neighbour, be sure to visit our website by clicking on the link below.

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