My Home Group of Hyderabad is Partnering with i-Neighbour
FingerTec News | 05/09/2019
My Home Group is one of the largest conglomerates in Hyderabad, South India, with interests in real estate, cement, education, and power. Spanning over 30 years of a great legacy, the Group has completed over 16 residential and commercial projects in Hyderabad over 10.5 million square feet of total built-up area with over tens of millions square feet in the planning stage around this major city. With such a reputation, the Group was seeking for the latest solution that can assist them in managing a part of their massive workflow.

Recently, the Group has agreed to work with TimeTec Cloud to develop a solution that streamlines the work processes in defect management, unit handover, and key collection. This solution aims to convenience homeowners and the Group's employees who are managing the projects. According to My Home, in the next three years alone, they are expected to handover close to 8000 residential units in various projects around Hyderabad. Moreover, looking at the number of projects they have on hand, this number will escalate in years to come. The handover of that many units poses a significant challenge to the Group because they need to invest in resources to manage the booking of time slots for the defect inspection and management as well as house key handover sessions. And with so many variables involved, the process could drag and cost the Group significantly.

Defect Management Business Workflow

Vacant Possession(VP) Business Workflow

TimeTec Cloud, a developer of Smart Community Solution, i-Neighbour, has had a ready solution for defect management, unit handover and key collection that is being used by many local developers for the same purpose. This solution is available in the form of Web for the developer and App for the homeowners. It works wonder because the developers can open the booking slots online, and the homeowners can book the slots using the App conveniently without having to call the developer office for the same objective. The automated nature of the system simplifies the whole process for My Home without jeopardizing the timeline or the quality of services the homeowners receive from them. Additionally, i-Neighbour also customized some reports to My Home requirements to show them that the solution has the potential to save them a significant saving by streamlining the handover process, keeping a close watch on the quality of workmanship, and avoiding material & labour wastage simultaneously.
Key Collection App