The Virtual Reality Option for Housing Developers
FingerTec News | 05/09/2019
Developers are always looking for ways to attract buyers to commit to their current and upcoming housing projects. Open houses, cooking demonstrations, a staging of show houses, party with different themes are amongst activities developers usually do to appeal to the interested buyers. Those who attend will then be shown model units or the house replicas to create the interest to consequently book and purchase. However, while these activities are proactive and exciting, developers face various challenges to keep their potential house buyers satisfy while balancing the rising cost of such events, and, accordingly close the deals.

When we talk about show houses, one style definitely doesn't fit all. Buyers are coming with a budget in mind and plenty of expectation because developers usually offer many types of units with different sizes, layouts, and designs for one housing project. One might be interested in modern contemporary design, but another might prefer a rustic style. But, unfortunately for the showing, developers often stage two or three show houses at the max to provide the buyers with some 'idea' of the house's look and feel upon completion. What's more, developers are competing for buyers' attention, and this doesn't come cheap because these lots usually do not have that much time to spare. Therefore, the developers need to make the best out of the time they have with the buyers.

Works like a charm, the one technology that could be providing developers with the solution for all the obstacles of managing house buyers is Virtual Reality. When technology can bring reality in front of one's eyes and project the image he/she desires, half the work is complete.

Example of Virtual Reality for house(Type 1)
Example of Virtual Reality for house(Type 2)
TimeTec is offering Ujiaku Virtual Reality Digital Showrooms to developers for staging purposes at a fraction of the cost and limitless possibilities.

Ujiaku dramatically reduces the cost of staging actual show houses for developers. Not to take anything away from the professionally decorated show units, but the fact of the matter is, a house can display one design at a time, and to change a house to a different design is costly and time-consuming. With Ujiaku, interested buyers can view the digital showroom that can show one type of home in a few virtual decorations on the spot. By giving more options and convenience to the house buyers, developers increase the chances of selling the properties, and in the process, they reduce the cost of staging a show house significantly. Besides, not everyone can view the show house at one go, and having Ujiaku on the site gives the housebuyers another channel to observe the house, virtually.

Another challenge that developers need to solve in managing potential property buyers is time. How do they get them to go to their house showing? Few buyers turnout, the fewer chances of closing. Even though developers do events to attract buyers, attendance is a no-guarantee. Therefore, having Ujiaku as an option can provide convenience, whereby the house buyers can choose to 'view' the units virtually without actually going to the location yet having everything shown in front of their eyes complete with a full explanation. Ujiaku digital show houses are available for viewing via computers, mobile phones, and other devices at the comfort of the buyers. Plus, customers can interact with the developers remotely to query about the units they are interested in purchasing.

This fantastic technology does not only provide convenience to buyers and developers to present the show units, but it also expands the marketing horizon and offers developers with several marketing platforms they seldom explore before. Another advantage of Ujiaku that is worth mentioning is its versatility. Pick and choose the materials and furniture you want to view on the digital house, and your dream house is in front of your very eyes.
Ujiaku helps sell your properties faster and it is affordable at that.

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