Ceria Residence Manages Visitors with i-Neighbour
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Malaysia | 05/09/2019
Visitor management is a concern in community living, especially in gated guarded and high-rise residential. A visitor is an outside element inside a guarded enclave, who could risk security and tranquillity of the living environment. A rowdy visitor can cause havoc or even injure other residents, and if not adequately monitored, theft can occur as well. Even so, many residentials choose to use the conventional method of the logbook to manage the visitors. When any visitors arrive, the security guard will ask them for an identification to register their particulars in a logbook. The security guard then records the time the visitor came, and the time the visitors left. All the information stays in that logbook for future reference if something occurs.

The problem with this manual system is that it is error-prone. The security guards might record the details clumsily in haste. Sometimes the security guards left the visitors to fill up the logbook, and the information given is unclear due to terrible handwriting or simply inaccurate such as wrong phone number. Moreover, the use of a logbook is time-consuming because visitors have to get out of the car to register. And, during peak time such as the weekends, the queue gets longer to the dismay of the visitors. Worse, it is hard to search for dated information out of a logbook.

Putting an end to all the hassles, Ceria Residence Condominium, Cyberjaya, Malaysia turned to TimeTec Cloud for its i-Neighbour solutions to take care of visitor management for all the 500 units of its condominiums. i-Neighbour is a Smart Community Solution that offers an App for residents to invite their guests, and the guests to preregister before coming to a residential. The pre-registration process will ultimately issue a QR code for the guests which they can show at the guardhouse for verification and access. The system records all the information of the visitors accurately using the OCR Optical Character Recognition technology and keeps all the access activities online for reference. When the visitors arrive, the hosts get notified immediately through the App, and the same process applies when the visitors leave the condominium.
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Ceria Residence chooses i-Neighbour for its affordability and comprehensiveness. Besides managing visitors, there are many value-added features available in i-Neighbour that this neighborhood can use for the benefit of its community. At a minimal annual fee, i-Neighbour comes with features such as defect reports, incident reports, booking facility, panic button SOS, and many more. Latest, Ceria Residence is expanding the system by integrating its current CCTV system with i-Neighbour for better surveillance system throughout.