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FingerTec News | 04/09/2020
Embracing A New Look!

i-Neighbour new user interface (UI) design has been released.

Taking in much of our users’ feedback, the team has been making serious improvements and hoping to reach a greater extent of user experience expectations.

Proud to announce, i-Neighbour has successfully revamped several areas of the application, launching the latest i-Neighbour 3.0 in the market.

This article will help users to understand better of the enhanced elements in the i-Neighbour App.

Market Square

This new page is added to serve as a page that can interface users automatically with the services booking system.

Offer services from household to home system & security and to utility and moving service provision.

In fact, more variety of services are about to show up! Stay tuned, users.

*This Market Square is now enjoyed by 120 communities and at least 50,000 households.

Are you interested to advertise your service too? Contact us!

The Announcement Board

Notice the tab at the top of the page?

There users have the selection to view announcements published respectively on the Community board, the i-Neighbour board and the Promotional board.

Without cramming notifications in one single board, i-Neighbour 3.0 chunks this section into 3 to facilitate users to the access of these latest news and updates.

Visitor Profile

What’s more about this latest release in i-Neighbour 3.0 is the added “Not My Visitor” button on the Visitor Profile page.

Residents have submitted responses about having strangers around their neighbourhood and management/guards are not aware or perhaps, have mistakenly allowed others to enter the premises.

By tapping on this button, an instant alert will be sent. The guards can then take immediate action to verify such incidents and visitors. Most importantly, i-Neighbour rest assured the community is better protected.

i-Neighbour 3.0 is a better version of our Smart Community Solution Mobile Application

We will strengthen your community.
We unify your neighbourhood with protection.
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