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FingerTec News | 04/09/2020
Dear i-Neighbour Residents,

PopBox is at your service now!

WORRY about missing parcels or won't be home to collect your items?
Oh, are you also anxious about the guards messing up the collection and handing it over to others by mistakes?
Don't worry.
With PopBox set right up at your community, this will serve as your best alternative for your delivery to be stored. Stay right where you are when your parcel arrives and collect it whenever you want within the collection time period.

What exactly is a PopBox?
PopBox is an automated parcel locker to help online shoppers to receive their parcel in the most effective and truthfully, a convenient way.
Reasons to why you should promote Sunway PopBox to be setup in your neighbourhood
Reduce hassles in handling the arriving of parcels
Guarantee the reduction of complaints about missing parcel
A value-added service to improve residents' comfort
All you have to do is
Find your nearest community PopBox when you're checking out your shopping cart
Receive a PIN code via SMS once the parcel arrives
Select "Parcel Pick-Up" and enter the PIN code at the PopBox Locker
Collection is just that easy!
With this collaboration with PopBox, ALL i-Neighbour users can now enjoy this facility for FREE
If your community doesn't have a PopBox just yet OR that you are interested to transform your community to be part of this big family - Kindly contact your i-Neighbour PIC for more details to be shared!
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