8 Key Security Decisions HOA or JMB Must Make to Avoid Doing it Wrongly
Security is an amenity in any residential community these days. While individual homes can sort their own security system independently, the management of condominiums and gated guarded community has to tackle the security issue head on because it could become a liability if security is not in place when vacant possession process is completed. One of the main reasons people choose to reside in condominiums and gated guarded residential is indeed, SECURITY. Nonetheless, it is wrong to assume that all condominiums and gated guarded management companies are doing everything right and the security at these kind of housing areas is in tip top condition. Mistakes are made when there is no guideline to adhere to in making decisions about security, and the decisions made did not go through a proper discussion.

Go through this checklist to find out what HOA (Homeowner's Association) or JMB (Joint Management Body) could have done or could do to properly secure your community.
Conduct A Security Survey, Professionally
It is unwise to do this surveys without any assistance from the professional because they are trained to spot vulnerabilities, exposures, threats in your community and they also know which ones are your vital assets that need to protect securely. By identifying all of these areas, collectively the HOA or the JMB can make decisions on what to do, the costs involved, implementation duration, which security solution providers are suitable and etc, and be sure that the decisions made are based on professional advice and thorough discussions.
Implement the Right Solutions
Don't go for the obvious security solutions just because other communitys have the same. Their vulnerabilities and their vital assets might be different from your community. Hence, it is very important to know the type of solutions that your community needs and not all security problems can be tackled by security guards or cameras only. Go for an integrated solution that could give you a better overview of security issues in your enclave.
Comply with Premises or Building Liability Law
Study the law and be sure that the security solutions you decide comply with the law or you might risk getting sued by the residents when something unfortunate happen like fire, burglary, murder and etc. In doing this, you need to engage with professionals to be sure that everything is in place and your solutions are in working condition at all times.
Install Secured Security Measures
Conduct penetration tests to determine the vulnerability of a system, a security system that can easily be broken is not security at all and why spending money to provide these dummy systems to residents? HOA needs to place the most secured security solutions at the most important points in the condominiums or in gated guarded community such as at the main entrance to the building, at the lift to access to floors, and etc. There’s no point to install expensive CCTV on every floor just because you can see who park and who leave the area. The security solution must act to protect.
Mix and Match Security Solutions
Please be informed that not any one security solution is THE solution. Having many security guards patrolling the entire community at all times also wouldn't be an effective solution because crimes can happen at odd hours, and the cost of security guards is not cheap at all. Consider other solutions and mix match them to give your community the most effective system at a good cost.
Hire A Respectable Security Company
Do a background check on the security company you engage to attend to your residential security issues because substandard products and services could spell disaster to your overall cost in managing a housing area. The companies must be responsible, trustworthy and be able to support the system provided for a long period of time. And make sure do not hire someone related to the HOA or JMB or you’ll be grilled by the residents on your decision when something bad happen.
Review that Service Contract
Whenever you engage with a security provider, don't just put your trust, make sure they put the service contract for review so they can be responsible for the solutions/hardware they install in your community for a specific duration. Without the service contract your community is exposed to vulnerability if the system broken or down and you'll suffer the cost as well.
Make Informed Decision, Always
Don't act hastily based on something that happened because you’ll tend to make redundant and wrong decisions. When a few residents report theft cases, you reacted by installing a CCTV on every floor to satisfy the resident. Security decisions cannot be made based on reaction, you have to think about the effectiveness of a system and its return on investment to the whole community.
In short, when it comes to security measures, having an integrated solution that covers every aspect of the community is the best. Don’t go for the obvious solution because it might not work for your enclave and consider the ROI of any system for the benefit of your entire community.