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i-Neighbour Smart Lock System is implemented to tighten the security within the neighbourhood. With this, comes TimeTec BLE-2 and various Smart Lock/Smart Reader (ML-10B, TL-40B, DL-30B, SL-70B, H2b) IoT devices that can be integrated into i-Neighbour Smart Community System for residents to unlock doors using just their smartphone.





TimeTec BLE-2
How To Access The Smart Lock System
For the purpose of convenience and practicality, please note that this feature of unlocking the IoT devices can only be done on the user’s smartphone only with Bluetooth connection enabled.

For Mobile -
To access the Smart Lock System, login to your account in i-Neighbour App > More > Smart Access. Note that residents can also access this feature by tapping on the Smart Access icon under the homepage of i-Neighbour App.

Once done, admins/residents will be provided with a list of devices in which they are authorized to access. Next, walk up to the supposed entrance and proceed to tap on the Lock icon located at the right of the respective device. i-Neighbour App will then begin scanning for the device in order to unlock it.
To indicate that the device is unlocked, the Lock icon will then be displayed in green and will revert back to grey when the device is locked again.

Offline Mode:
If there is no Internet connection in the vicinity of the locks, please be informed that i-Neighbour also includes support for Offline Mode. Therefore, admins/residents can still access the locks via Bluetooth connection only.

Tapping on Smart Access will in turn bring up the list of locks in which the users are able to access. That said, please tap on the Unlock icon to access the locks. When unlocked, the icon will be displayed in green and will revert back to grey when the device is locked again.
Frequently Asked Question (Additional)
1. I have friends that would like to access my neighbourhood, is it possible to share my access rights in unlocking the doors?

Due to security purposes, residents will not be able to share their access rights to other users. This is to ensure that only authorized individuals will be able to access the neighbourhood.

2. I can’t seem to open the device on certain occasion. May I know what are the factors that could possibly interfere with the device?

Firstly, please ensure that the Bluetooth connection on your smartphone is enabled and that there is nothing blocking the signal from the device. Do also take note to close the distance range between you and the device in order for the device to function optimally.

3. On some occasion, I noticed that the lock is not shown within the i-Neighbour App, is there something wrong with the system itself?

No, if you are unable to view the locks in i-Neighbour App, this means that the admins in your neighbourhood has decided to disable the locks. Therefore, the disabled locks will not be displayed in your i-Neighbour App.

4. Will my family members have the same access rights as provided in my account?

Yes, all users within the unit will be given with the same access rights.

5. I have booked a slot for the badminton court at 12:00 PM, will I have the entry access starting at 12:00 PM or can I access the facility earlier?

Normally, you will have early access up to 30 minutes depending on your neighbourhood rules and regulations. However, the same cannot be said towards all neighbourhoods. Therefore, please enquire from the Management if you would like to obtain the exact time provided for early access.

Note: If some of the screenshots or steps viewed here are different from the ones in the current system, this is due to our continuous effort to improve our system from time to time. Please notify us at, we will update it as soon as possible.