Smart Home Alarm

(Exclusively available to Malaysian communities only.)
Smart Home Alarm that works best with
i-Neighbour's i-Vizit Guard House Panel
Installing a home alarm system means to protect your home and valuables, and to keep your family safe from potential break-ins by burglars or any fire events. However, the purpose of installing a home alarm system will not be served if no one takes action to check on your precious properties when an alarm is triggered.

i-TimeTec Smart Home Alarm that can integrate with i-Neighbour's i-Vizit Guard House Panel can solve this issue! When your home alarm is triggered, you can get immediate help from the nearest capable authority, which will be the community guard.
When i-TimeTec Smart Home Alarm of an i-Neighbour resident is triggered, it will send an instant notification to i-Vizit at the guardhouse
The guard will know the number of the unit and send someone to check it out immediately
i-TimeTec Smart Home Alarm
Basic Security Package for i-Neighbour Residents

Enjoy peace of mind by installing the i-TimeTec Basic Security Package at a special price of RM1169 only!
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Gateway Camera x 1
PIR Motion Sensor x 2
Door/Window Magnetic Sensor x 2
Siren Alarm x 1
Panic Button x 1
DIY setup. No hacking of walls or complicated wiring work required.
Free For Life App
Easy setup and control alarm remotely via i-TimeTec app, Free usage for lifetime!
Stay Protected
Send instant alerts to your community guardhouse whenever the alarm is triggered.
Link your i-TimeTec Smart Home Alarm with i-Neighbour account
STEP 1: After configuring all your smart devices at i-TimeTec App, go to "More", tap "Connect to i-Neighbour"
STEP 2: Tap "" to connect your home security alarm with your i-Neighbour account.
STEP 3: Pair up account by selecting location of your alarm (which will be listed in the drop down selection) and the smart gateway.
STEP 4: Enter your i-Neighbour login account. Tap "Next" to continue.
STEP 5: The dropdown selection will show your unit no. of your community name, select it and tap "confirm". It's that simple -- Your unit is protected! If the alarm is triggered, i-Vizit of the i-Neighbour Guard house will get alert instantly!
All in i-TimeTec App
For smart devices

Smartphone Access
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  Easy Management of User Access
  Alarm Management from A Smartphone
  Surveillance Management Made Easy
  Temporary Access Key
  Security Heightened with Bluetooth
  All in One App for Your Premise Security
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