SQL Accounting Resources
SQL Account - GST Accounting Software Demo Version
(demo version is limited to 500 transactions only)

Size: 44.4 MB
Version: 4.2016.773.728
Username & Password: ADMIN
Note: This demo version does not contain the latest update.

Recommended Server Specifications
• Intel Core i7 3.6 Ghz Server Computer CPU or above
• ASUS Prime B250M-A Mainboard or above
• 16 GB DD RAM 4- PC 2133 – 1st grade - Kingston
• 250 GB Samsung 960 Evo NVMe Memory Storage Drive - 3200Mbps
• Operating System = Window 7 / Window 8/ Window 10, 64 bit

Important Note: Windows Server 2012/2016 (Highly NOT recommended)


 A. Getting Started Link
1. SQL Account GST Case Study (Updated: 15/11/2016)
2. SQL Account User Guide
3. Clone Master Data
4. Restore Database
5. Network Setting
6. Uninstall, Reinstall, Upgrade Existing SQL
7. Reset Password Form & Steps to Reset
8. Register Your New Company and Change Company Address
9. Change Panasonic 1121 Driver to Epson
10. Steps to Import UBS data into SQL Account
11. Account Book Registration in SQL
12. Enlarging UI Screen in SQL
13. Backup Database
14. Migrate MYOB to SQL Account – Master File
 B. General Ledger Link
1. Opening Bank Reconciliation
2. How to check if GST Claimable & GST Payable are not tally with GST03
3. Create Profit and Loss Statement and Balance Sheet for more than 12 Months
4. What do I do if General Ledger Report's Ref1 (DocNo) appeared as “New”?
5. Guide to Calculate Profit & Loss Percentage
6. P&L Statement with Appropriation Account
7. Steps to check if Trial Balance doesn’t tally
8. Record Accumulated Depreciation for Fixed Asset
 C. Customer Link
1. Customer Payment Guide (Local & Multi Currency)
2. Open Bank Deposit when you are banking in 2 or more cheques at a time in a same transaction slip.
3. Insert Post-Dated Cheque & Bounced Cheque
4. How to make Customer Payment Bounced Cheque for different currency
5. Set commission calculation requirement at Customer Payment Listing Commission
6. Customer Contra and Supplier Contra
 D. Sales Link
1. Set Cash Drawer for SQL Accounting
 E. Stock Link
1. Costing Method
2. Serial No. Module
3. Maintain Stock Item - Reorder Level & Reorder Qty
4. Global Price Change
5. Stock Price Tag Module
6. Stock Adjustment & Stock Take
7. Goods Received Note Barcode
 F. Tools Link
1. Customer One Cent Rounding
2. Set First Year Account for more than 12 Months
3. Set Running No. for Payment Voucher/ Official Receipt by Date/Year Format
4. Advance Currency Module
5. Project Module
6. Analyse Data Integrity
7. Maintain Acceptable Transaction Date
 G. Report Link
1. How to Load Report Template file into SQL Accounting
2. Guideline to Create SUM Variable for Tax Column
3. How to Disable Query for deleted field in Report
4. How to do Rounding Report
5. How to drag XML Report into SQL
6. Add FromDocNo and FromDocDate Variable in Report Design
7. Show GST No. In Report
8. Hide Zero in Fast Report
9. Fix Report Tax Rate show A instead of 6%
10. Fast Report: Guide for Page Footer to only display the Text Object in last page
11. Fast Report: Report Print Count
12. Fast Report: Solving blank page problem if More Description text is more than 1 page
13. Fast Report: Stop Position
14. Fast Report: Print Date Time
15. Fast Report: Ledger Report start new page for New Group
 H. Grid Layout Link
1. Reset/Delete Layout
2. Call out hidden field, Save and Manage Layout
 I. Additional Module Link
1. Landing Cost
2. Serial No. Module
3. Job Order & Purchase Order
4. Supplier Payment Interbank GIRO
 J. Troubleshooting Link
1. Fix Database Shutdown Error
2. How to do Patch File using SQL Diagnosis Utility
3. How to validate database with SQL Diagnosis Utility
4. Performance & Speed Improvement for Domain Controller Service (Windows 2012 Server OS)
5. How to maintain 2 different version in 1 PC
 K. Miscellaneous Link
1. Text Import Utility Guideline
2. Import Export Guide
 L. Business Nature / Industries Link
1. Sample Recurring Company
2. Photocopier Meter
 M. GST Link
1. Steps to set GST
2. Steps to Maintain Tax
3. Set Stock Tax codes
4. Customer GST - Assign tax code to customer and supplier
5. Tax Invoice - Compulsory information to display in Tax Invoice
6. GST-03 - Process GST return and generate GST-03 report
7. GST-03 Drill Down
8. Print GAF report
9. Inclusive GST Cents
10. Generate and print Input & Output Tax Ledger Report
11. Tax Code in Chart of Account
12. Delivery Order 21 Days Rules
13. 21 Days Rules Deposit
14. Refundable & Non-Refundable Deposit
15. Bad Debt Relief Recover
16. Gift Deemed Supplies
17. Margin Scheme
18. Generate GST Tap file from SQL Accounting for GST return submission
19. How to handle supplier bank charge with GST
20. Credit Noted for Sales Rebate & Incentive
21. Cash Book Simplified Invoice
22. Import Goods Treatment
23. GST Payment to RMCD
24. 5 cents rounding for Sales & Purchase
25. Promotional/Sample Item for GST
26. Self Billing
27. De-Register GST
28. Assign Industries Code (MSIC)
29. How to Submit GST03 Tap Online
30. Input Entry For Approved Trader Scheme (ATS)
31. GST Tax Code - TX-N43
32. GST Tax Code - TX-RE
33. Understanding of Mixed Supplies (Partial Exemption)
34. The Adjustment of GST by Auto or Manual Input
35. Set Tax Date in Purchase Invoice
36. Fill in Part D: Declaration in GST-03
37. Guidance to Check GL Ledger with GST-03
38. Start A New Margin Scheme Database
39. GST-03 Adjustment Before & After GST Return (Updated: 15/11/2016)
40. Message Prompt: "Attempt to Store Duplicate Value.." while Processing GST Return
41. Message Prompt: "Please enter G/L Code" while Processing GST Return
42. Steps to do before submitting GST03
43. This guide shows how you can generate a GST-03 draft.
44. Account code for Output Tax Adjustment Error Message
45. GST Migration System for GST Past Document Opening Balance
46. GST Treatment: Imported Services
 N. Interbank GIRO Link
1. SQL Account Bank Credit - Supplier Payment via IBG
 GST Link
1. GST Setup
2. Maintain GST
3. Stock Tax
4. Customer GST
5. Invoice Tax
6. GST 03
7. GST 03 Drill Down:
8. GAF
9. GST Report
10. Inclusive GST Cents
11. GL
12. 21 Days GST
13. 21 Days DO
14. Maintain GST
15. Bad Debt
16. Bad Debt Relief
17. Bad Debt Recover
18. Gift
19. Imported Services (RSA)
20. Bank Charge with GST
21. Purge GST Return
22. Import Goods Treatment
23. Purchase of Fixed Assets from Oversea Supplier (Import Goods Treatment)
24. Setting Industries Code
25. Make Payment for RMCD & Check Outstanding in SQL
26. First Accounting Software in Malaysia to show GST 03 TAP Submission Online
27. How to start a new margin scheme Database
28. Auto Assigning MSIC code
29. GST Set Tax Date
30. 1 cent rounding adjustment by system /adjust manually
31. How To Fill in Part D Declaration in GST 03:
32. GST03 Draft
33. GST Item16 CGA
 Getting Started Link
1. Installation
2. Upgrade older SQL Account to GST Version
3. Company Profile Set GST No
 General Ledger Link
1. Chart of Account
2. Cash Book
3. Journal Entry
4. Maintain Opening Balance
 Customer Link
1. Maintain Customer
2. Local Payment
3. Basic Currency and Advance Currency Payment
4. Customer Contra and Supplier Contra
5. Group Statement
 Supplier Link
1. Set to NR for non GST Registered Supplier
2. How to load cheque format and adjust the margin (Payment Voucher)
 Sales Link
1. Partial Delivery
2. Sales Quotation
3. Sales Order
4. Sales Delivery Order
5. Sales Invoice
6. Sales Delivery Order
7. Sales Invoice
8. Batch Print Invoice
9. Sales Credit Note
 Stock Link
1. Maintain Stock
2. Serial No Module
3. Consignment
4. Stock Adjustment
5. Batch
6. Stock Price Tag
7. Item Template
 Tools & Settings Link
1. Access Right
2. Access Right (Report)
3. Multiple Document Number
4. Maintain Commission Script:
5. Maintain Currency
6. Financial Period
7. Form Mode Running No
8. Form Mode by Agent
9. Form Mode by Current Month vs Today Only
10. Activate 5 Cents Rounding
11. Load DIY Field and DIY Script
12. Tool Option Interface
13. Clone or Copy Report Format
14. New View Feature - Enable Windows Task Bar
 Report Link
1. Report Builder - Part I
2. Report Builder - Part II
3. Report Customize Add GST Tax Amount & Sum Amount
4. How to Download Free Report Template load into System
5. How to Disable Query in Report Designer
6. A guideline to solve spacing in between description for Fast Report
 Grid Layout Link
1. Save and Manage Layout
 Production Link
1. Production Job Order, Bill of Material (BOM), Sales Order to Purchase Order
 Data Import Link
1. Import Excel - Chart of Account
2. Import Excel - Customer
3. Import Excel - Stock
4. UBS Year End
5. UBS Account Import
6. UBS Stock Import
7. SQL XML Import & Export
8. Text Import
9. SQL Account Import v5