TimeTec TA
Manage Neighbourhood's Staff & Guards Attendance Effortlessly

TimeTec TA is a cloud-based solution that helps you to manage workforce in your neighbourhood. Data is now stored safely in the web allowing you the means of viewing the performances of your neighbourhood's staff from anywhere, at anytime. With an Internet connection you will be able to login and gain access to features that will tackle any workforce issues such as monitoring and tracking your neighbourhood’s staff attendance and whereabouts, create and manage effective scheduling by using multiple scheduling templates, and generate reports automatically.

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Time & Attendance Management

There are many staff in a residential area such as management admin clerk, security guards, maintenance technicians, gardeners etc. TimeTec TA provides a complete view of staff's attendance, where an administrator can setup multi-level user login to allow administrators with different levels of access into the system as well as create a new login account for an employee to login to check his/her attendance.
Prevent Tardiness & Absentees

Implementing TimeTec TA is a preventive step for tardiness, absenteeism, and other counterproductive work behaviour through its automated time attendance system, making it easy for Resident's Association/Management to assess and evaluate the performance of each individual employee.
Clock-In Attendance On Biometrics Scanner

Buddy-punching is a common counterproductive work behaviour of some employees. TimeTec TA can be integrated with FingerTec Biometrics Devices which ensures the employee will clock-in his attendance by himself.

Accurate and Real-time Attendance Records

With cloud technology and push notification, TimeTec TA enables management to get accurate and real-time attendance records from their clock-in devices. There is no chance for staff to alter their attendance records for better staff discipline.

Easy Integration with Payroll System

TimeTec TA allows attendance data to be exported into CSV or XLS format. This flexibility makes TimeTec TaA pyroll friendly, our system can be easily integrated with payroll software such as UNIPay and MYOB.

TimeTec TA Mobile App Available!

Most resident's association members are working and may not be able to stay in the neighbourhood all the time to check the staff attendance. TimeTec Mobile app provides an overall view of staff attendance, work rosters, and attendance clocking option, using mobile phone - so you'll never miss a thing.

Free 10 User Licenses for LIFE!

For every investment or purchase you are about to make, it's only wise to sample the products first before making any decisions. TimeTec TA is giving free 10 user licenses to you for life so you can experience the many benefits of cloud technology for your attendance management!

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