TimeTec TA
Manage Staff & Guards’ Attendance Effortlessly

TimeTec TA is a cloud-based Time and Attendance Solution to manage the effectiveness of workers in your neighbourhood. With TimeTec TA, clocking data is collected through various options and all the data is stored safely in the cloud server for monitoring and evaluation at anytime, from anywhere by the relevant authorities. Just login to access to useful features including setting the system roles, determining various work schedules, setting monitoring rules, planning for automatic reports and many more to better manage the workers. TimeTec TA mobile app is also available for free for both the workers and the management to clock the times and monitor relevant data on the go, respectively.

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Time & Attendance Management

Managing a residential area is not a one-person job. There are various workers serving a residential which include positions like admin clerk, security guards, maintenance technicians, gardeners, cleaning workers, finance personnel and many more. TimeTec TA provides a complete staff attendance system, where the management can setup multi-level user login for administrators with different access levels to the system and login accounts for employees to check his/her attendance.
Prevent Tardiness & Absentees

Implementing TimeTec TA is a preventive measure against tardiness, absenteeism, time fraudulent activities and other counterproductive work behaviour because every data is available for Resident's Association/Management to assess and evaluate the performance of each employee.
Various Attendance Clocking Options

TimeTec TA offers many clocking options to choose from to make clocking convenient and to avoid buddy-punching occurences amongst employees. On top of FingerTec fingerprint and facial biometrics system, TimeTec TA also works with beacon, NFC tag, GPS and Supervisor clocking for mobile clocking, and web for clocking on a PC.

Accurate and Real-time Attendance Records

Management can obtain accurate real-time attendance records through cloud technology and push notification at all times. TimeTec TA collects data from reliable clocking devices and the clocking data cannot be manipulated without leaving a trace in the system.

Easy Integration with Payroll System

Export attendance data to CSV, XLS or TXT formats from TimeTec TA and this flexibility makes the solution payroll friendly, compatible with payroll software such as UNIPay and MYOB.

TimeTec TA Mobile App Available!

Monitoring the neighbourhood’s staff is made easy with TimeTec TA mobile app that provides an overview of staff attendance, work rosters, attendance clocking options, report and many more. It doesn’t matter if the RA doesn’t have time to check on the workers, TimeTec TA mobile app is there to update.

Free 10 User Licenses for LIFE!

For every investment or purchase you are about to make, it's only wise to sample the products first before making any decisions. TimeTec TA is giving free 10 user licenses to you for life so you can experience the many benefits of cloud technology for your attendance management!

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