Admin Guide (Abridged Version)
Community Profile
To change community profile :

1. Community
2. Profile
3. Click    next to community name
4. Save
Manage Admin
To edit / add admin:

1. Community
2. Manage admin
3. Add / Edit / View
Manage Unit / Owners
To edit / add owner into their unit:

1. Community
2. Manage unit
3. Select the Jalan/Block > Unit (to add or change unit owner)
4. Type name, email address & phone number
5. Select Occupancy type (Owner, Rental, Vacant & Non Member)
6. Save
Committee Member
To edit / add owner into their unit:

1. Community
2. Committee Member
3. Create Board
4. Key in duration & board name
5. Create
6. Click Add ( to add committee member)
7. Select the detail of the committee member (jalan, unit, name, position, etc.)
8. Create
9. To view detail of committee member, click View
E- Announcement
To post/delete an announcement:

1. Community
2. E-info
3. Click Announcement
4. To post , click      to add new announcement
5. To View, click View button on the posted announcement.
E- Contact
To post/delete a contact:

1. Community
2. E-info
3. Click Contact
4. To add , click     to add new contact. (create a folder (optional) > add number)
5. Key in details
6. Create
E - Document
To post/delete a document:

1. Community
2. E-info
3. Click E-Document
4. To add , click    to add new document. (create a folder (optional) > add number)
5. Upload link/attachment
6. Create
Facility Booking
To Manage a facility booking request:

1. Community
2. Facilities > Facilities Booking
3. To approve / decline pre-book facilities,
4. To do walk-in booking, click   
5. Key in all details
6. Book
Visitation Report
To generate visitation report:

1. Report
2. Click Reports
3. Select report type
4. Click   
Incident / Defect Report
To View and Manage incident report:

1. Report
2. Click Incident/ Defect Report
3. Select the report folder (by category)
4. Select the report
5. To mark the progress of incident, click  
6. To create an incident report:   
Note: If some of the screenshots or steps viewed here are different from the ones in the current system, this is due to our continuous effort to improve our system from time to time. Please notify us at, we will update it as soon as possible.