Facility Booking User Guide
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Facility Booking is a feature in i-Neighbour that allows the Residents to book the facilities within the neighbourhood online.
Facilities Overview
For Web
To proceed to the Facilities Overview, please login to your account at www.i-neighbour.com > NEIGHBOURHOOD > Facilities. In the Overview, Residents will have access to the facilities and also the function to add/cancel a booking.
For Mobile App
To proceed to the Facility Overview, please login to your account in i-Neighbour Mobile App > More > Facilities. In the Overview, Residents will have access to all the details of the added facilities as well as place a booking.
How to Add/Edit/Cancel/Delete a booking
For Web
In i-Neighbour, there are two ways that Residents can proceed to add a booking into the facility. Firstly, Residents can mouse over to the selected facility under Facilities Overview > Roster Icon or proceed straight to the My Booking page > ‘Book Now’ button.
Either way, both options will allow the residents to place the booking for the selected facility. Hence, please fill up the fields and click Submit.
Once done, the added booking will be listed under the Residents’ My Booking Page whereby residents can Edit, Cancel or Delete a booking.
*Editing of a Booking can only be done when the booking is not yet approved or declined.
*Cancellation of a Booking can only be done when the booking is not yet approved or declined.
*Deleting a Booking can only be done after the booking has been approved or declined and the data can no longer be retrieved once deleted.
For Mobile App
There are two ways to place a booking into the facility. Firstly, to add a booking in the facility via i-Neighbour App, please tap on the Facility Booking Icon under the homepage or MORE > Facility Booking > tap on the + icon.
Secondly, the next method to add a booking is to proceed with MORE > Facilities. Next, tap on the Roster Icon beside the facility to place a booking.
Residents will be prompted with a short form to fill up in order to complete the registration. Proceed to tap on ‘Book’ to place the booking.
Once done, the added booking will be listed under the Residents’ Facility Booking Overview whereby residents can Cancel or Delete a booking. Note that the Edit function is only accessible via the Web Portal of i-Neighbour.
Depending on the status of the booking, your Details page will be showing the respective action buttons. If the booking status is still in pending or auto-approved, the Cancel Icon will be displayed for you to cancel the booking. On the other hand, if the booking status has been cancelled or declined, the Delete Icon will be displayed instead for you to delete the booking.
After tapping on the respective icons, a pop-up will appear to confirm the action. Note that the booking data cannot be retrieved once deleted.
1. I’ve noticed that after booking a facility, the status is shown as Declined. Is there anything that I could do to request for a change in the status?

If your booking is declined, it is recommended that you consult the Management of your neighbourhood regarding this matter. Note that despite being declined, you are still allowed to book the facility again.

2. I noticed that there are deposits listed under the added facility. Will I be billed straight via i-Neighbour if I’ve decided to place a booking?

No, the deposit field included in the facility’s details is just to inform the Residents only. How it will be charge will instead depend on the Management within your neighbourhood.

3. I want to place multiple bookings but the system won’t allow me to do it. Is there an issue with the system?

Depending on the settings determined by the Management of your neighbourhood. A single unit owner may be restricted to a certain number of bookings. Hence, please consult with your Management regarding the maximum booking limit.

4. I’ve noticed that I’ve incorrectly placed my booking into a facility. Can I change it? If so, how?

Yes, you can. But, you can only do so in the Web Portal of i-Neighbour. Please head to you My Booking page and click on the Pencil Icon beside the facility that you wish to edit. Note that the booking can only be edited if it hasn’t been approved or declined.

5. I noticed that that there doesn’t appear to be a Roster icon beside the facility that I wish to book under Facilities Overview in i-Neighbour App. Is there a reason for this?

If there is no Roster Icon beside the facility, this means that the facility does not require a booking in order to be accessed.

6. I do not wish to place a booking via the Web or Mobile App. Can I still place a booking via the Management Office?

Yes, you can just proceed to the Management Office and the Admin can assist you with your bookings there. However, we recommend that it would be much more convenient to book via i-Neighbour Web or Mobile App.

Note: If some of the screenshots or steps viewed here are different from the ones in the current system, this is due to our continuous effort to improve our system from time to time. Please notify us at info@i-neighbour.com, we will update it as soon as possible.