Why Choose i-Neighbour?
i-Neighbour is a secure multi-functional cloud-based residential and visitor management system for high rise residential and gated guarded community communities. Adoption of i-Neighbour system in any modern community brings various advantages to developer, houseowners, and residents alike.
i-Neighbour Advantages
Just like an Apple smart phone, every successful product should have extraordinary details and positive user experience. Let's go over one feature in i-Neighbour, the PANIC BUTTON.

For Panic Button, a user can add emergency contact three ways and add a default call to the guardhouse. Add family members, add close friends by allowing import contacts function; and add the nearby neighbours. All you need to do is to type the names of the adjacent neighbours correctly before any request is sent, and the neighbours can reciprocate the same request when he/she accepted your request.

The Panic Button also can be integrated with ioT siren kit at the guard house and the siren will go off when there is an emergency. This Panic Button feature comes with a flashlight and buzzing option plus you can set the phone to capture photos and upload them to the server during emergency for any possible shred of evidence.This feature is equipped with a GPS tag to indicate the exact location of the emergency and we provide comprehensive history report for forensic purposes and etc. To prevent unintentional false alarm, a user needs to long-press the Panic Button to trigger it.

All in all, even though Panic Button is just one feature, it has been presented in the most detailed way and it is made intuitive for easy settings and use. i-Neighbour is loaded with great features that have been fully thought through from all aspects of system development and user experience.
Hackers are costing consumers and companies between $375 and $575 billion annually; and providers and its partners hold the liability for the vulnerability of their system. i-Neighbour security measures include ISO 27001 certification, regular penetration tests by security experts, 2-factor authentications and etc to enhance cyber security. Security investments are very costly and not many companies are willing to go to great length to make sure that these requirements are met.
All signed up i-Neighbour customers will automatically be covered by the System Level Agreement (SLA) embedded in our system because we recognize the importance of having everything ready to benefit of our clients. Please find enclosed, a sample of i-Neighbour SLA.
Our company is certified with international CMMi level 3 to ensure quality processes to produce better and quality system and all members of the development team need to comply to the standard. This is a tedious certification successfully acquired by only a handful of Malaysian companies.
i-Neighbour provides Big Data analytic, offering customers with better automation in the system and admin, as well as auto-alert.
i-Neighbour is just one of our many cloud solutions. Other cloud solutions include TimeTec Patrol for guard patrol, TimeTec TA for workforce attendance and scheduling, TimeTec VMS for office tower visitor management system, Epicamera for video storage and surveillance, and etc, all can be integrated or installed standalone to achieve smart community in larger perspective.

A great product relies on a committed company and its people to deliver consistent quality with accountability at all times. i-Neighbour is a product of a passionate, responsible and steadfast cloud company, TimeTec Cloud Sdn. Bhd.
i-Neighbour adopts a series of stringent privacy policies for all of its modules namely Visitor, Admin, Guard, and Resident. We comply with international standards of consumer privacy and we take privacy issue very seriously.
i-Neighbour offers more than 10 languages including English, Malay, Chinese, and even Nepalese to accomodate security guards from Nepal. We take priority in providing the best user experience and language is one of the most important features to satisfy our clients.
i-Neighbour solution is built by a team that has vast experience in security and biometric products, with the goal to turn i-Neighbour into a smart community product. Therefore, i-Neighbour is expandable by tapping on the BLE technology and the scope of IoT smart security components include License Plate Recognition, Smart Lock, Smart Alarm, Siren Kit, BLE Lift, BLE autogate and etc.
We have a strong R&D team comprises of programmers, E&E engineers, software testers and product engineers. And i-Neighbour also has a strong brand building team with graphic & web designers, UI & UX designers, video editors, and copywriters to ensure our product branding is done right and professionally.
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