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FAQ for TimeTec Barrier Demo Kit
The TimeTec Barrier – BLE 2 Gate Control Relay Board is built based on the BLE 16 Lift Relay Board. It is designed as an intermediate between a user’s mobile app and a barrier gate controller. The way it works is, a user uses his/her mobile app to send command to the BLE 2 Gate Control Relay Board via Bluetooth connection. The board then translates the command into digital pulse and sends it to the barrier gate controller to open/close the gate.
The BLE 2 Gate Control Relay Board is suitable to be used with i-Neighbour to prevent entries and exits of vehicles by non-residents. The system administrator of the residential area must sign up with i-Neighbour and create an individual account for all residents. After installing the BLE 2 Gate Control Relay Board into a barrier gate (one board for one barrier gate), the system administrator must activate the unique ID of BLE 2 Gate Control Relay Board from a web portal and configures accessibilities of all residents through the barrier gates.

The residents then have to install and sign in to TimeTec Security mobile app to view the list of barrier gates that are permitted to access. Every time a resident drives (or as a passenger in the vehicle) near a barrier gate, the resident can use his/her mobile app to command the barrier gate to open.

If the resident installed the BLE 2 Gate Control Relay Board to his/her home auto gate system, only him/her can manage the access of the auto gate system from the mobile app. The system administrator of the i-Neighbour account for the residential area could not intercept this private auto gate. This resident is an owner of his/her BLE 2 Gate Control Relay Board and the auto gate and only this resident can authorize his/her family members or relatives to unlock the same auto gate.

For individual resident to manage his/her private auto gate, the operation in TimeTec Security mobile app has been extended to allow individual resident to add BLE 2 Gate Control Relay Board. Here are some changes/enhancements on the mobile app.

From the Configuration page, the owner can search for nearby Bluetooth devices, smart locks or gate control relay boards. The mobile app will prompt the owner to insert the serial number to start adding smart devices, smart locks or gate relay control boards into the system. The adding process is the same as the current mechanism.

During checking of the serial number, the server will feedback the Device Type (smart device, smart lock or gate control relay board) to the mobile app so the owner can make sure that the correct items are added.

From the Unlock page, the mobile app will display all the permitted access doors or gates on screen. The user can tap his/her desired lock/gate and the mobile app will send the command to unlock.

There could be a mixture of private and public doors and gates. For example, Home Gate is the auto gate installed at a user’s house, which is private; while Guard House Gate 1 and 2 are public ones.

The accessibility of public locks/gates are controlled by the system admin from web portal.

Low initial investment, and because Smart Barrier BLE-2 is part of i-Neighour smart community solution.
No more winding down of window to flash card which will cause wetness during rainy days or exposure to robbery threats for the drivers.
Fast and capable of reducing traffic congestion during peak hour.
Current smart barrier system can be maintained and integrated with i-Neighbour smart community system if the management still wanted to keep the system.
All entry and exit images can be recorded for visual evidence if installed together with surveillance cameras.
Low maintenance cost due to its implementation is based on BYOD, bring your own device concept.
Using Bluetooth communication, a comfortable reading distance of maximun 10 meters (adjustable) between relay board and smart phone.
Your vehicle would be safe at home when you are away abroad as your credential is not in the car, but a smart phone that tag along with you.
When it comes to the barrier gate installed at the guard house, an individual user can use his/her mobile app to command the gate to open. The BLE 2 Gate Control Relay board that has been installed at the barrier gate will always broadcast its unique ID for a fixed coverage area. When a user and his/her vehicle comes into the zone, his/her mobile app will receive a unique ID at a fixed level of signal strength. The mobile app then authenticates the accessibility through this gate based on that unique ID. The mobile app will display the message on screen if a permission is granted.

A user can tap OPEN GATE and the mobile app will send a command to BLE 2 Gate Control Relay board to open gate. The user then has to unlock the smartphone to access the main screen and send unlock command by using push notification.

Installation Guide:
1 BLE 2 Gate Control Relay Board
The BLE 2 Gate Control Relay Board integrates with the Long Range UHF Reader at the guardhouse to verify card number, expiry date and access permission. Upon approval, BLE 2 Gate Control Relay Board will trigger the opening of the barrier gate while at the same time; the surveillance camera will capture a picture for record purposes.

2 Varifocal IR Camera
IR Camera will be adjusted to obtain a complete view of the vehicle type and its license plate.
3 NVR Video Server
NVR will send captured picture to the software.

4 Fast Speed Barrier Gate
Barrier gate will open in just 1.8 sec to reduce waiting time and allow faster traffic flow.

5 i-Neighbour Admin Software
The cloud system record event log of each entry and exit of residents’ & visitors’ vehicles and the management of registered vehicles.
Installation Guide:
Demo Kit:
TimeTec Barrier
BLE 2 Gate Control Relay Board
Quotation / Demo Request
Channels 2 FORM C Relay output
NO/NC selected via jumper
Weigand 26-bit input
Gates Max 2
Dimension 100 (L) x 231 (W) x 62 (H)
Weighing (kg) 0.6
Power input 9 ~ 24 VDC
Working temperature 0-45
Humidity (%) 20-80
Communication Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 4.2
Weigand 26-bit input
Effective distance (m) Max 10 m
LED indicator Yes
Transaction records Unlimited, stored in cloud server
Event capacity Unlimited, stored in cloud server
Mobile OS Android 4.0.2 and above
iOS 8.0 and above
App & Cloud TimeTec VMS, TimeTec Access and i-Neighbour
Language (App & cloud) Arabic, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, English, Hindi, Indonesian, Malay, Nepali, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese.