i-Neighbour Accounting Middleware
Integrating i-Neighbour with SQL Account for an Efficient Financial Organization
i-Neighbour Accounting Middleware is an application that allows the Residential Management to integrate and manage their residential finances such as maintenance fee easily from i-Neighbour account to SQL Account or vice versa. Invoices generated in SQL Account can be uploaded to i-Neighbour and payment records can be imported back to SQL Account for processing through this middleware application thus ensuring accurate and organized financial informations at all times.

i-Neighbour Cloud Server
Workflow of i-Neighbour Accounting Middleware

i-Neighbour Accounting Middleware at Local Server
SQL Accounting Application Client will install & run together in i-Neighbour Accounting Middleware PC. Upload invoices from SQL Account SQL Account Server

Post Summary/Payment info from i-Neighbour Accounting Middleware
Screenshots of i-Neighbour Accounting Middleware application
About SQL Account
SQL Account is an accounting software that helps you manage your finances; from Resident payment to Contractors all in one comprehensive software. Integrate your i-Neighbour account with SQL Account to manage resident’s payments and ensure a smooth residential financial management.

Client-Server Architecture | Customizable Forms and Reports | Safe and Secure with PSQL | Easy Integration via Estream SQLSDK

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SQL Accounting Resources
Complete and Intuitive Software
SQL Account is more than just a tool for entering financial records. The software offers various components such as security, flexible user access control, 24x7 data backup, information search and inquiry, command navigator, customizable grids and reports, document drill down, DIY field and scripts and so much more.

Residential General Ledger
Manage your residences’ accounting records so you can easily keep track and analyze your residential's financial performance. This feature also supports odd financial date, (e.g.: 22 Aug 2016 to 31 Aug 2016) so you can start your account from any date. This feature allows you to drill down the financial information for your residential or a specific project.

Residents & Contractors
Maintain and manage resident's and contractor’s account with SQL Account. This feature supports special aging (e.g: 0-7, 0-9 days and etc.) apart from the standard aging period and also features Advance Credit Control where you can set credit limit and overdue limit for each resident/contractor.

Efficient Invoicing
Reduce repetitive data entry and speed up the invoicing document processing such as quotation, tax invoice and etc, with SQL Account. The software also allows you to check on previous price histories such as previous maintenance fees charges when creating any invoice document.

Keep track of your Assets Purchase
Create your purchase order easily by referring to the assistant screen which shows inventory balance and purchase price history. See what’s been ordered from the supplier, its costs and previous purchase order information. This module also supports cash purchase, purchase debit note, and etc.

Control Inventory
Keep tabs on your assets’ quantity and its value with SQL Account. The software supports real-time update on the assets’ quantity and costing calculation. This feature will be a great assistance in keeping your inventory organized and your cost accurate.

SQL Account provides a comprehensive range of financial reports as below: General Ledger: G/L Document Listing, Journal of Transaction Listing, Transaction Summary Listing, Ledger Report, Trial Balance, Receipt and Payment report, Profit and Loss Statement, and Balance Sheet Statement.

Resident: Customer Document Listing, Customer Balance Report, Due Document Listing, Aging Report, Customer Statement, Customer Post Dated Cheque Listing, Customer Analysis by Document, and Customer Sales and Collection Analysis. Each of these reports have been proven to work well with multi-currency.

Supplier: Supplier Document Listing, Supplier Balance Report, Due Document Listing, Aging Report, Supplier Statement, Supplier Post Dated Cheque Listing, Supplier Analysis by Document, and Supplier Sales and Collection Analysis. Each of these reports have been proven to work well with multi-currency.

Sales: Sales Document Listing, Outstanding Sales Document Listing, Sales Picking List, Customer Price History, Profit and Loss by Document, Sales Analysis by Document and Yearly Sales Analysis.

Purchase: Purchase Document Listing, Outstanding Purchase Document, Supplier Price History, Purchase Analysis by Document and Yearly Purchase Analysis. Stock: Stock Document Listing, Stock Reorder Advice, Stock Physical Worksheet, Stock Card, Stock Month End Balance, Stock Aging and Stock Analysis by Document.

System Requirement
Recommended Hardware: PC with an Intel Core i5 or AMD Athlon processor and above 4 GB RAM and above Broadband Internet connection to use the SQL Remote Desktop
Supported O/S: Windows 7 and above
Supported Database: InterBase Firebird Server

GST Compliance (Malaysia only)
In a nutshell, GST is part of the government's tax reform initiatives to improve the taxation system to be more efficient, transparent and business-friendly. Starting 1st April 2015, Malaysia has replaced sales and service tax with goods and services tax (GST).

Being compliant requires training, preparation and getting the right support group. Businesses may also consider using business software such as SQL Accounting as a GST tool. A GST compliant business software can help keep track of GST records and generate necessary reports for audit or decision making. For example tax invoices, GST tax returns and etc.

1. Is it necessary to use accounting software for GST?

Like all business transactions, GST transaction needs to be recorded. You need to keep track of your business transactions one way or the other to comply with the GST law imposed. Accounting software such as SQL Account has prepared the tools to ease the process of managing GST and your financial records, thus it is highly recommended that you opt for an accounting software to ensure your business complies to GST law.

2. Is SQL Account software GST compliant?

Yes. In fact, SQL Account software has been GST certified by the Royal Malaysian Customs Department. With the certification, SME companies who are registered for GST will be eligible to claim financial assistant from Malaysian Government, upon purchasing of our SQL Account software.

3. Any samples of GST documents that I can see?

Receipt-TM-U220 - (Tax Invoice - Simple)
Sales Invoice
(Tax Invoice - Full)
Sales Debit Note - (Tax Invoice - Full)
Sales Credit Note - (Tax Invoice - Full)
Purchase Invoice - (Self Billing)

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