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FAQ for EPICAM E16S and E17S
Planning Your Community Surveillance?
i-Neighbour helps to better enhance the security of a community with its cloud surveillance system. By installing IP Cameras (Epicam E17S) at the perimeters of a community, guard houses and common areas; this would help to capture any suspicious identities that could be used as evidence in the case of house break-in, kidnapping, vandalism and etc. i-Neighbour’s cloud surveillance system does not only work with Epicam E17S, but also with any brands of Onvif IP Camera. Additionally, IP Cameras’ live streaming footages can also be viewed on i-Neighbour’s Web Portal and Mobile App.

Access permission into the IP Camera’s live streaming footages can be customised by the System Administrator (Management) on i-Neighbour’s Web Portal. Ultimately, the Management can decide to only allow the system administrators or even include the residents to view the live streaming of certain IP Cameras as well.

Imagine this scenario. IP Cameras are fixed at a playground; the Management has given the camera access to all house owners. Therefore, when the residents’ children are playing at the playground with or without any company, their parents or guardians can still observe their loved ones by viewing the camera footages of the playground via their smartphone or laptop.

For individual units, users can consider Epicam E17S installation for outdoor security monitoring and install Epicam E16S for indoor monitoring of activities; all while capturing those precious moments within their family life.
Epicam E17s + BLE-2
for Facility Booking

Epicam E17s + BLE-2
for Visitor management

Quietly Watching Over Your Homes
Keeping Intruders at Bay
Safeguard your home with Epicam and make sure that those moments are captured on camera for safeguarding purposes. Don't take anything for granted and always keep a watchful eyes over your loved one.
Safeguard your home effortlessly
Keep an eye to secluded areas and spots
Stay safe even when the Sun comes down

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Motion Detection
Sensing movements for security
IR Illumination
Detailed images in low light or total darkness
ROI Focus
Focus on Region of Interest while keeping the peripheral areas at bay.
EpiCam E16S
While you're at work or away from your home, let Epicam captures important moments that create long lasting memories for your family.
The moment you know she loves her berries
The moment he knows the importance of friendship
The moment a little fashionista is born
Don't miss those childhood memories that pass you by in split seconds

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Don't miss your pets cutest moments ever...
The moment she needs a furry company
The moment they miss you
The moment you know he is addicted to television
The moment you wished you were home
The moment he found that interest again
The moment that makes you laugh so loud
Don't miss those precious moments with your loved ones...
Don't miss surprises and celebrations all year long...
The moment that makes your heart melt
The moment you feel like a kid again
The moment you are celebrated...
Let Epicam cameras do the work for you while you enjoy your moments with your family.

EpiCam E17S

EpiCam E16S