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Technical Tips
Date Billing, Account Statement & Notice EN
28-06-22 i-Account - How to Transfer Invoices from Previous to New Owner
22-03-22 How to Check Bounce Invoices in i-Account
30-12-21 How to generate Form 11 and 20 in i-Account
03-12-21 i-Account - Generate Invoices Automatically with Auto Batch Invoice Feature
21-06-21 How to Generate Account Statement in i-Account and Upload it to i-Neighbour
24-05-21 How to Fix Wrongly Billed Water & Electricity Charges in i-Account
16-03-21 Adding a New Charge for Billing Inside i-Account
Date Customer/ Debtor EN
22-03-22 How to Edit Unit Owner Name in i-Account
30-12-21 How to Check Transactions of Previous Owners in i-Account
29-10-21 i-Account - How to Assign and Unassign Unit Owner to Customer Group
02-08-21 i-Account - How to Issue a Refund to Owner
22-01-21 Changing Unit Owner in i-Account
Date Supplier/ Creditor EN
01-09-21 How to Enter Supplier Payment in i-Account
Date Banking and General Ledger EN
18-05-22 i-Account - How to Perform First Time Bank Reconciliation
10-02-22 How to Cancel Wrongly Issued Receipt in i-Account
03-12-21 How to Close and Reopen GL Transactions in i-Account
30-09-21 How to Cancel Payment Voucher for Expired Cheque in i-Account
30-09-21 How to Enter Petty Cash Payments & Reimbursements in i-Account
01-09-21 How to View Online Payment Receipts in i-Neighbour & i-Account
02-08-21 i-Account - How to Record an Unidentified Receipt
21-05-21 How to Create Refundable Deduction for Refundable Deposit in i-Account
Date Others EN
22-08-22 i-Account - How Owners Can View Receipts in the App
28-06-22 How to Enable Pop-Ups for i-Account site
28-06-22 i-Account - How to Add or Remove Admin
29-10-21 How to Clear Cache and Cookies on i-Neighbour and i-Account
22-06-21 i-Account & i-Neighbour Integration Guide