Le Putra Avenue Upgrades its VMS to i-Neighbour
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Malaysia | 30/05/2019
Managing visitors in gated guarded community and in high rise residential looks simple but it is not as simple as it appears to be. The manual system usually requires a visitor to surrender his/her ID card for the information to be recorded by hand by the security guard at the guard house. The guard then would verify with the resident before access is granted. Either the visitor is provided with an access credential or not is very much dependent on the operation of a neighbourhood. Nevertheless, while this process seems harmless and has been working at many places all these while, it also poses a series of security and privacy issues which cannot be taken lightly especially now. The questions such as what are the information obtained from the identity card provided? Are those information taken correctly, how is the information used? Any other people have access to information? What if the logbook is stolen? or are the information even correct to begin with, so on and so forth.

In addressing all those concerns, Le Putra Avenue, a landed gated guarded community in Sri Kembangan Selangor turns to TimeTec for better solution. This neighbourhood consists of 65 elegant landed houses situated in the suburbs of Kuala Lumpur is in dire need of a modern VMS solution to serve residents and visitors that are coming to their properties. Recently, Le Putra Avenue installs i-Neighbour Smart Community System along with the BLE-2 bluetooth low energy controller for access complete with a tablet installed with i-Vizit, the app for guards to manage visitors.
i-Neighbour is a comprehensive smart community system loaded with various features and a mobile App to complement today’s modern lifestyle. With i-Neighbour, the visitors are given an option to check in prior to visit or the check in can be expedited by reading the national ID, and getting instant approval from the residents. All the visitors data are kept in a centralized server and those who do not follow the house rules and causing trouble inside a neighbourhood can be listed in the blacklist visitors. i-Neighbour also is equipped with other important features such as payment of maintenance fee, announcements, event management, facility booking, panic button and many more to provide the community with safer and smarter environment.

Le Putra Avenue also installed IP cameras and connected them to i-Neighbour for a more complete and secure community system. Now, the community is using i-Neighbour App to manage their smart lifestyle and they can manage their life and visitor straight for the mobile App.