Access with Smart Phone
i-Neighbour Smart Barrier Gate
TimeTec BLE-2 System
Smarter and safer with smartphone Access
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When TimeTec BLE-2 Smart Barrier System is integrated into i-Neighbour, it can tighten the normally loose community barrier gate access control system into a well-monitored and fully integrated system. Embed TimeTec BLE-2 Smart Barrier in the barrier gate system at the entry and exit point, and integrate it with i-Neighbour to uplift barrier gates via Bluetooth technology through a smartphone App, and get all the acess activities in real time for transparency and extra security. The i-Neighbour’s Resident and Authorized Vehicle Management Module and Visitor Management Module put the setting, managing and monitoring the vehicles' access activity at ease. And best of all, the key to uplift the gate is your voice!
Hands Free Access Command
Use your voice to give command to the App for easy access.
Do Away without Access Card
Use your smartphone instead as your access credential
Low Implementation Cost
Tap on the existing RFID barrier system and embrace BYOD concept for eco-friendly environment
Utmost Convenience
You don’t need to roll down power window to access your zone, just tap on the App and you’re good to go
Quick As a Wink
The verification process is quick, eliminating possible congestion at the guard post at anytime
Stay Safer with Cameras
Integrate with surveillance cameras to retrieve visual evidence of every entry and exit
Prioritize Access
No matter whether you are on the phone, on facebook or on Instagram, the App will interrupts current mobile activity to give way to barrier access
Exclusive & Secure
Your account is exclusively yours, no exchange of accounts is permitted without authorization of an account owner
Anti-Passback Available
Every car that goes in must goes out before it can access again, and the feature is available as an option
Offline Verification
Interrupted internet connection, no worries, and all transactions data are intact in the App
Smaller Gates Compatible
TimeTec BLE-2 can be installed on smaller gates for people’s access also. Go to Smart Turnstiles
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