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FingerTec News | 05/02/2020
Turnover in business refers to the profit a company has from its regular business activity. Turnover in high-rise residential management, on the other hand, refers to the amount of monetary gain collected from the residents to invest in the maintenance of the entire residence.

Keeping the financial health on the line is a head-scratcher for most Joint Management Body (JMB), this becomes especially notable when a residency comprises a merrier amount of population.

A property management team that handles processes for invoicing utility bills, taxes payment and inventory purchases are often dealing with these paper works under pressure. Let alone the distress to work out the equation for management-residents communication. For that very reason, most have been seeking out for a simplified and more effective property management accounting tool that eases and benefits the community sustainably.

is a cloud accounting system embedded in the i-Neighbour Smart Community System

It targets to enable residential management to:

Create batches of invoices quickly for higher efficiency of financial control
Automate tracking and payment reminders for instant update of submission
Streamline utility billings for each unit to prevent unnecessary discrepancy
Generate comprehensive reports for payment tracking and managing
A systematic way of approach to efficiently manage bookkeeping and provides a clear picture of costs flow does serve all involved parties peace of mind.

An uncostly subscription fee to an online cloud system that imparts a line of quality features seems to be the perfect fit for JMB that have a strong preference on the discretion with confidential information, real-time data tracking and minimum time consumption processes.
Communities deploy i-Account as their tool for community accounting management is a strong validation of i-Neighbour services, and that they have derived great comfort from this assurance.

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