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Malaysia | 05/10/2020
Nada Alam, a housing area established in a new township, Pajam, Malaysia - Open doors to those who seek a tranquil living and pursue abundant spaces in an ideal domicile. These 2-storey landed properties will tap into your imaginative side of mind and convince you with its dazzling surrounding of nature.

Says that these 120 units are guarded with a 24/7 security team. On the other hand, the communal facility areas such as jogging path, children playground and multipurpose court made available for residents to promote a healthier living account for a large portion of security concerns. The team seeks to develop a more detailed approach to attain deeper living satisfaction and residents delight. With i-Neighbour continuous development and being integrated into the community system, Nada Alam 3 is now efficient in controlling the limit of the access of visitors, conducting a more thorough plan in management, and performing higher assurance of surveillance protection.
UHF Card Reader
UHF tear-torn stickers as access credentials
Validate with a maximum distance of 10 meters
Uninterruptible access
Auto-detection of long range UHF Reader from afar without flashing card nor winding down the window
Syncable & downloadable data
Record of the inflow & outflow of registered residents & visitors
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Electronic billing and payments
Account management
A systematic approach in overseeing multiple accounts for recurring bills and financial relevant transaction
Reduce Insignificant Workload
Eliminate unwanted paperwork and redundant monthly handling of maintenance billing and receipt issuing
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TimeTec Patrol
Work Scheduling & Routes Managing
Easily track-able and easier to coordinate by limiting unauthorized activities
Real-time Reporting
Generate all monthly patrol reports and incident reports based on real data
Data Cloud System
Prevent data loss and allow to be retrieved at any time by authorized personnel
Patrol Apps
Employ a mobile solution via NFC tag or Beacon to alleviate the pain of monitoring
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To also highlight some of our i-Neighbour Mobile Application Features
Inform residents about the ongoing activities in the neighbourhood with instant notifications
Feedback & Inquiry
Encourage the participation of residents and visitors to improve neighbourhood satisfaction
Facility Booking
Facilitate the reservation process to ensure residents get to maximize the use of equipment and areas offered in the neighbourhood
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*i-Neighbour has recently announced the release of i-Neighbour 3.0. The latest version proves positive in gaining higher user experience and greater satisfaction.

It's time to override the conventional system! Be wiser in selecting and certainly integrating the right solution into your community. With i-Neighbour, you can achieve more than you expected.
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