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EpiCamera can be your ideal solution.
i-Neighbour is a secure multifunctional cloud-based residential and visitor management system for high rise residential and gated guarded community communities. Adoption of i-Neighbour solution in any modern community will provide developer with an instant competitive advantage.

Security surveillance is one crucial part of a community's security and the matter has to be dealt with utmost care and diligence. Don't get intimidated, make that informed decision. And to help you get started, please send your request for a preliminary proposal for us to process without any cost or obligation on your part. Simply fill up the information required below and let us take it from there.

The i-Neighbour team will get back to you in approximately 2 weeks with a proposal. The purpose of this proposal is to serve as a preliminary overview in order for you to kickstart your actual community's surveillance project. On the other hand, you would be required to call your vendors to conduct a proper site survey, inspection and discussion to reconfirm a system that best suits your community. As such, we would be grateful if we or our recommended partners are given the opportunity to be considered as a prospective vendor to take part in your project.

*Note: All information provided to us will be treated with strict confidentiality.
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