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BLE-2 User Guide
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The TimeTec BLE-2 Barrier Gate Control Relay Board is designed to function as an intermediate between a user’s mobile app and a barrier gate controller. A user uses his/her mobile app to send command to the BLE-2 Gate Control Relay Board via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 4.2 connection. The board then translates the command into digital pulse and sends it to the barrier gate controller to open/close the gate.

Furthermore, the BLE-2 Gate Control Relay Board is integrated with i-Neighbour to only allow permitted registered users’ vehicles to enter and exit the neighbourhood. With the system’s Bluetooth technology, as a vehicle is nearing the entrance/exit, the registered user’s smartphone is able to auto detect the presence of a Barrier Gate over a distance of 5 metres. The user then receives a prompt to give instructions for the barrier gate to open, either by verbally saying “Open” or pressing “Unlock” on the screen.

Implementation Steps
To implement the system, there are several steps:

1. Installation of the TimeTec BLE-2 Barrier Gate Control Relay Board
2. Admin Setup for the Smart Barrier Gate (Web Setup)
3. Residents use Mobile app for Barrier Gate Access
4. Offline Mode
5. Read our FAQ

On this page, we will provide a guide below for steps 2 to 4. Please also refer to the FAQ section for additional information.

Guide: Admin Setup for the Smart Barrier Gate
Web Setup in i-Neighbour Account
1. After the installation of TimeTec BLE-2 by your vendor, Administrator(s) will need to configure settings in the Smart Barrier module inside i-Neighbour account. Login Admin account > go to IOT > Smart Barrier > Barrier Gate Setting.
2. Add in the BLE-2 Smart Barrier into your account by clicking the ‘Add’ button.
3. Fill in the form to add in the BLE-2 Smart Barrier. Insert the serial number of the BLE-2 (attached to the unit) and select type as TimeTec BLE-2. System will detect the MAC address from server automatically. Name the barrier gate accordingly and select the Access Type as either Entry or Exit, then add in a description of the location. Select the date of purchase and Save settings.

i) i-Neighbour has been designed to incorporate 3 types of smart barrier device: Smart LPR, TimeTec Long Range RFID Barrier and TimeTec BLE-2. For this guide, our whole focus is on TimeTec BLE-2.

ii) When you submit this form, the system will automatically register the BLE-2 device for product warranty, which covers 3 years from date of purchase. Please refer to our Global Product Warranty Policy for further details.
4. Repeat to add in other barrier gates, if necessary. Once you are done, you can now configure access rights of all residents through the barrier gate(s) you have just added. Go to IOT > Smart Barrier > Vehicle Access Pass.
5. Over here, you need to first configure the general settings for managing residents’ vehicles. Select the amount of parking lot granted per unit (you can adjust this for each individual unit later at Manage > Add Parking Lot). Next, for the Type of Pass, choose TimeTec BLE-2; system will display an additional ‘Amount of Accessible Mobile App Users’ list. Pick the maximum number of mobile app users allocated for each unit, then Save.
6. You will see a list of all the units in the neighbourhood. Now, you can add in vehicle details and assign users with Vehicle Access Pass for their mobile app. To add in vehicle details, there are 2 methods:

a) Edit for each Unit
b) Import Vehicle Details (recommended for bulk information)

7. For method (a), select the unit and click Edit, then refer to step 8 below.

For method (b), click the ‘Manage’ button > Import Vehicle Details. Download the sample file and use that to update the vehicle details as necessary > Browse > Import. Once uploaded, review the details > click Save > Success message. Please take note that you can only upload a .csv file.

8. Following that, to assign users with Vehicle Access Pass in the mobile app, select one slot of the unit’s allocated parking lot and click Edit.

As we imported vehicle details for this unit earlier, you can see the first four fields already shows the relevant information. Tick TimeTec BLE-2 to provide the Access Pass and system will display a ‘Mobile App User’ list. Select which residents of this unit are allowed to use their i-Neighbour app to unlock barrier gate > Save.

i) The Parking Lot Details section is optional and used for your own reference. Regardless of which method you use to add vehicle details, you are allowed to skip parking lot ID and access card ID (i.e. ID for sticker/pass on car dashboard, if available).

ii) Once you provide Access Pass to BLE-2 Barrier Gate here, each mobile app user will be able to access all the BLE-2 Barrier Gates activated in the neighbourhood.

iii) All the details for the parking lot, including assigned Access Pass can be modified at any time, for instance when residents relocate. You can return here to Edit or Delete the assigned parking lot and remove access rights.
9. With that, you’re done with the web setup. Login to i-Neighbour mobile app with a Resident account to test the Barrier Gate Access. Please refer to the steps provided in the following section, “Guide- Residents use Mobile App for Barrier Gate Access” to perform the testing.
Guide: Residents use Mobile app for Barrier Gate Access

i) In the app, the Smart Access module shown in the images below is available only for Resident account (does not appear in the Admin/Guard account).

ii) Please note that when you login to the app, the Smart Access module will only appear if your neighbourhood Admin has made the appropriate system configurations beforehand. This involves adding a Barrier Gate and providing Vehicle Access Pass to users.

iii) If you are not able to view this or have queries on barrier gates displayed for your access, please refer to your management office for assistance.

iv) Usually, for visitors’ access, the Guard house will have a separate control mechanism for guards to open Barrier Gate. They can control the gate operations by using a remote control or through the physical open-stop-close buttons.
1. Login to Mobile App > go to Smart Access on Home screen.
2. On the Smart Access screen, you will be able to view a list of barrier gates that you are permitted to access.

i) Please note that the Smart Access page on mobile app is designed to encompass both Door Access (Smart Lock/ Smart Reader) and Gate Access (TimeTec BLE-2, Smart LPR and TimeTec Long Range RFID Barrier). You may notice that only the Gate Access list appears on your screen if door access devices are not deployed in your neighbourhood.
3. Turn on Bluetooth function for your mobile phone.

When your vehicle reaches the Smart Barrier Gate (the BLE-2 reading range is within 5 to 10 metres, depending on your phone’s model and the surroundings (whether blocked by metal or wall), the app will automatically scan for the BLE-2 Barrier Gate’s signal and detect its unique ID. Based on that ID, system checks whether you have been granted access rights to that particular Barrier Gate.

After confirming you that you have permission, you will receive a prompt on screen for Voice Command, along with an audio that plays over the phone speaker, asking you whether to “Open”.

You can choose to either use your voice to give command by saying “Open” or tap on the Unlock button on screen. Wait for the Barrier Gate to open.

i) You must be logged in to i-Neighbour app (kept in background and don’t kill the app) and unlock your phone for the auto detect & Voice Command to function. However, you do not necessarily have to view or stay on the Smart Access page. You may be using something else, such as a navigation app but when you reach the Barrier Gate, i-Neighbour App will interrupt your phone activity to give way to Barrier Gate Access.

ii) If you are using English language settings for the app, besides the word “Open”, the system also accepts if you say “Yes”, “Unlock” and other words which are closely similar in meaning to give your command.

iii) If you are using other languages besides English, e.g. Bahasa Malaysia or Chinese, at the moment, you also need to say the voice command as “Open” (in English).
4. In addition, on the Smart Access screen, you can also instruct to unlock the barrier gate by tapping on the ‘lock’ icon.
Offline Mode
1. In the i-Neighbour app, there is an Offline Mode, whereby Residents will still be able to use the Barrier Gate Access function even when there is no Internet connection.
2. This is possible because the system is designed to function in Offline mode by using Bluetooth communication.
3. For Resident users, you only need to be logged in to your account when you still have mobile network coverage before you approach the Barrier Gate area. If internet connection is lost, the system will prompt a ‘No Internet Connection’ message to alert the users. Subsequently, users are allowed to access Offline Mode by clicking on ‘Go Offline’ at the top right corner.

The app will then continue to work in Offline mode by referring to the last updated records for your Barrier Gate Access.

Frequently Asked Question (Additional)

1. Can TimeTec Barrier BLE 2 Gate Control Relay Board be installed at all types of barrier?

There are many types of barriers in the market and you can hardly find any plug-and-play systems. Customization to some degree might be required at the initial installation. Please write to us at if you have a barrier in mind that you would like to integrate with TimeTec Barrier BLE 2 Gate Control Relay Board.

2. Does TimeTec Barrier has anti-passback feature, which means the IN record has to pair with the OUT record?

Yes, we have designed the TimeTec Barrier to provide an anti-passback feature. The barrier will NOT open if a vehicle comes IN the second time without an OUT activity log in his previous record, and vice versa. However, this is currently still in development phase and we will provide updates on this once it is released.

3. On top of controlling vehicle access, can TimeTec Barrier also be used to control smaller gates to restrict human access?

Yes. You can install TimeTec Barrier into other access control system for example turnstile, automatic gate and etc to restrict human access. Only residents with i-Neighbour app can unlock the barrier to gain access.

4. Is there a disable function for the Smart Barrier Gate?

There is no disable feature in the web portal or mobile application. To stop the control of TimeTec Barrier Gate Control Relay Board, you need to shut down its power source.

5. What is the maximum reading distance for the TimeTec BLE-2 device and is it adjustable?

As mentioned in the product specifications, the maximum effective reading range for TimeTec BLE-2 is 10 metres. However, in practice, the maximum distance will fall between 5 to 10 metres, depending on the phone model and also the surroundings of the BLE-2 (whether blocked by metal or wall). This range is not adjustable, irrespective of inside the hardware, through web application or through the mobile app.

6. The distance between in and out barrier gates could be very near but the Bluetooth coverage is wide. When a vehicle approaches the gates, auto scan and detection will commence. How can the app identify whether a resident is entering or exiting and prompt them to Unlock the correct barrier gate for their lane?

On top of the auto detect function, when more than one BLE-2 device appears within range, the app is also programmed to auto select and prompt user to unlock the nearest BLE-2 barrier gate that was detected. As such, even if the distance between the barrier gates is very near, this should not be an issue.

7. Does the i-Neighbour cloud system record event log of each entry and exit of residents’ & visitors’ vehicles and provide reports for the Admin?

Yes, it has been planned for Smart Barrier to provide the vehicle entry-exit records and report for Admin use. However, this is currently still in development phase and we will provide updates on this once it is released.


1. How would a TimeTec Barrier installation in i-Neighbour restrict non-residents entries and exits at a neighbourhood?

i-Neighbour's usage is limited to registered residents only and they can sign in to the app to unlock gate barrier. Non-residents are neither permitted to access the solution nor login nor to the app.

2. If a non-resident steals a resident’s i-Neighbour login credentials and login to the mobile app, could the non-resident use the app?

No. i-Neighbour has been embedded with a security measure that ensures no credential can be easily stolen. During registration, each resident account will be tied up with its owner's smartphone and in case the same login credential is being used to login from another smartphone, the i-Neighbour app will block the access and require the person to insert a new pairing code, which will be delivered to the resident's registered email account. Without getting the details of the new pairing code, accessing to account is impossible.

3. Can a resident change to a new smartphone and still login to i-Neighbour app and use TimeTec Barrier?

As long as you are the legit owner of the account and you have the new pairing code that is sent to the registered email account, changing of smartphones is permissible. Once the resident enters the new pairing code, the previously used smartphone will be erased from list and no longer in use.

4. Can I use my i-Neighbour app to open the gate if I take an Uber or a taxi?

Definitely you can because the barrier is controlled by the i-Neighbour app on your smartphone. So whether you are a passenger or a driver, it doesn’t matter. However, the vehicle driver will not be able to unlock the gate after he/she dropped you off because he/she doesn’t have an access to i-Neighbour. Tell the driver to let the guard opens the gate to exit. Or if your neighbourhood implements stringent security check, you have to follow the rules by registering your taxi or Uber driver at the entrance gate even though your i-Neighbour app account allow you to open the barrier gate.

5. My relatives are coming to visit me. Can I create temporary passes for them in i-Neighbour app to unlock the entrance gate?

No. You cannot create any temporary passes for non-residents to unlock the entrance gate. All non-residents have to report at the security checkpoint before they will be granted access to your enclave.

6. For better automation, why not lift the barrier straightway to allow access without user needs to hit YES button on their smartphone when TimeTec Barrier detected a valid vehicle?

It will create complication, because user normally carry their smartphone even without driving a car. Full automation means the barrier will open too when you go IN and OUT the enclave without driving your car.

7. The distance between in and out barrier gates could be very near but the Bluetooth coverage is wide. When the app is sending an unlock command when I'm near the In gate, could the Out gate also capture the command and unlock me?

No. The Bluetooth ID for each BLE 2 Gate Control is different and only the BLE 2 Gate Control Relay Board installed inside the IN gate shall respond to your command.

8. My residential area is a new development that does not have mobile Internet access. Can I still use the i-Neighbour app to unlock the gate?

Yes, the i-Neighbour app can download your access credentials/permission before your mobile Internet went off and the data will be stored inside the app for you to unlock the gate even if you are offline.

9. What are the benefits to using a smartphone rather than using a card?

A card can be easily lost, stolen or forgotten because it has no other functions except to open gates; but a smartphone is functional and personal, an important part of today’s people's lifestyle. Smartphone has a lot of power and functions including to control TimeTec Barrier, one of the many i-Neighbour’s integrated features.

10. Can residents still access and open the entrance gate after they have moved out?

No. The admin is responsible to disable and remove his smartphone access from the i-Neighbour management.

11. I want to install TimeTec Barrier at my home autogate system, but my residential management is not an i-Neighbour user. Shall I advise the management to sign up with i-Neighbour?

Not necessary because we also provide a separate mobile app called TimeTec Security for individual owners to install TimeTec Barrier to private auto gate system without having to install i-Neighbour system at his residential area. Even if your residential management is also using i-Neighbour solution, if you plan to install TimeTec Barrier for your own home, you will still be required to download and use the separate TimeTec Security app to manage the device.

12. What kind of smartphone is required in order to operate TimeTec Barrier or do we need to find any specific functions in a smartphone for this matter?

The system is running on Bluetooth Low Energy technology, which is very common in nowadays smartphones. If you are using an iPhone or an Android phone, as long as it supports Bluetooth 4.0 and above, you should be fine.

13. Why is it that I can see Smart Access when I login to the app but my housemate is not able to?

The Smart Access module will only appear in your account if your Admin has assigned a Vehicle Access Pass to you. Therefore it is likely your housemate does not have a pass and should refer to the management office for assistance.

Note: If some of the screenshots or steps viewed here are different from the ones in the current system, this is due to our continuous effort to improve our system from time to time. Please notify us at, we will update it as soon as possible.