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TimeTec Lift Control Panel BLE-16
TimeTec BLE-16 is a lift controller tapping on the Bluetooth Low Energy 4.2 technology and the power of a smartphone for modern lift access in high-rise residential and skyscrapers.

One BLE-16 controller is designed to control up to 16 floors, having one dedicated relay contact for each floor. The beauty is, BLE-16 can be modularly expended, making it a perfect choice for standard lifts and customizable for different and unique requirements.

Choose BLE-16 and integrate it with TimeTec Security for small office deployment, TimeTec VMS for office tower visitor management system, TimeTec Access for larger office premises, and I-Neighbour for residential management system to achieve convenience and better security at the same time.

TimeTec BLE-16 provides secure, convenient and centralized access, suitable for modern living lifestyle. Access is easy as you have to open the App and choose your floor destination.
Exclusive Access
Authorized entry to every floor for extra security
Access Management Made Easy
Building management can set access right to floors fuss-free based on authorization level
Your Smartphone is Your Access Key
Live free from access card, use your smartphone to access the lift effortlessly
Easy Visitor Access Management
Building management can manage visitors access easily through i-Neighbour
Restrict Access Zones by Time
For some areas that can’t be accessed after a certain time
Get the Stats Right
Building manager can monitor and generate Access Activity Report as required
Integration with TimeTec Cloud and its Apps
Seamless integration with TimeTec other useful solutions for convenience & security
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