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1 i-Merchant - Complete neighbourhood with merchants listing

A neighbourhood will not be complete without having listing of merchants in/around the neighbourhood. i-Merchant is a merchant directory that is developed by i-Neighbour, for the sake of resident's convenience. Residents can easily view or search merchants within certain distance from the neighbourhood just by using i-Merchant, for eg, resident can view list of Thai restaurants within 3km from his/her neighbourhood. If you own a business, you can join i-Neighbour as Merchant, list your products or services with descriptions, and get ready to be contacted by your potential clients.

by Lee Chin, last response on 2017-05-09 09:11:25
1 Neighbourhood 15 June 2017
1 Add personal note of each visitation

Some of us like to jot down experiences of particular visitations. We know about that and would like to provide such convenience in i-Neighbour. Now, resident and visitor (registered member of i-Neighbour) can both have their personal record jotted down in "Note“. This will only be seen by the resident/visitor himself, not shared with anyone else.

by Lee Chin, last response on 2016-12-21 05:51:50
1 Resident 23 December 2016
1 To pop up visitor profile after scanning QR code

To make things easier and clearer, we decided to add a new feature - i.e. after a security officer scanned the visitor's QR code, visitor profile will pop up. This feature enables security officer to compare and make sure that the visitor is indeed the person who has been approved the visitation. We believe by doing this, security level can be enhanced. We do not tolerate any false visitors.

by Lee Chin, last response on 2016-12-21 05:46:09
1 Security 31 January 2017
1 Incident Report - As a record

i-Neighbour is currently working on new feature - Incident Report. This feature allows residents, security guards and committee members to report incident that happened, for eg neighbour’s house break in, facilities break down etc, to the management.

When a person reports an accident, push notification and mailer will be sent to the master admin. Master admin has the authority to publish the incident reported to all the users. We will allow master admin to write a comment to the incident reported.

by Lee Chin, last response on 2017-01-09 06:28:12
1 Resident 20 January 2017
1 Bill Payment Platform Between Residents and Management (Web)

There are some charges that a management of residential neighbourhood needs to collect from the residents, such as maintenance charge, sinking fund, quit rent etc. Collecting this charges can be troublesome, hence i-Neighbour is working on providing a platform or payment gateway for the residential management to collect from the unit owners, hassle-free. We will add "Payment" module into unit owner's account, in this module, owner can find his/her payment history and also make new payment.

by Lee Chin, last response on 2016-12-22 02:49:13
1 Administrator 16 December 2016
2 i-Neighbour Alarm System Coming Soon!

We are extending the function of Panic Button into powerful alarm system. When Panic Button is triggered by a resident, security will receive push notification. If the neighbourhood is deploying our i-Neighbour Alarm System, it will then trigger the siren and everyone in the neighbourhood will know something has happened!

Our design team is currently working on the user-interface and R&D is working on the function itself, very soon this feature will be available for neighbourhood management to add on to their existing package.

by Lee Chin, last response on 2016-12-22 02:50:49
1 Security 30 January 2017
2 Mobile - Language translation available soon!

Currently language translation is only available in web application. We are in the midst enabling language translation in our mobile application now. We foresee by mid of Jan 2017, users will be able to use our language translation function in mobile app too! The available languages will be English, Malay and Chinese.

by Lee Chin, last response on 2016-12-22 02:51:23
1 Resident 20 January 2017
0 Facilities Booking Made Convenient!

There are many facilities provided in a neighbourhood especially for condominiums or residential with club house. We understand the pain of both management and residents have to go through when dealing with facilities management. Thus, we are working on a new feature which definitely can help both parties - facilities booking feature! Residents can book via our application simply by few clicks or taps, while management can always update the status of certain facility just by using i-Neighbour.

by Lee Chin, last response on 2016-12-06 04:23:03
1 Resident 20 January 2017
0 Mobile - Enable user to send email by tapping on the email address

While we have the function to let user make a call by tapping on the contact number, we also do not forget about the email. By simply tapping the email address, user's phone will open email app in his/her mobile phone.

by Lee Chin, last response on 2016-11-15 08:07:44
1 Resident 18 November 2016
0 Info Zone / Notice Board - Folder View

In i-Neighbour Info Zone (aka Notice Board), we prepare a place for neighbourhood admin to upload important documents and contacts. Currently it is not so easy to browse through, therefore we have a new UI which consists of folders. We believe Folder View will be a better solution for user to view the information easily, also neighbourhood admin can group the info effectively.

by Lee Chin, last response on 2016-11-15 08:00:46
1 Others 2 December 2016
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