i-Neighbour Gathered Huge Attention At
FingerTec News | 03/08/2018
Archidex is South East Asia’s most successful annual industry trade event for the architecture, interior design and building fraternity. As such, the event has continually been reaping phenomenal success and garnering steady growth through strategic planning and partnerships since its introduction in 2000. With this in mind, the i-Neighbour Team fully utilized this moment to promptly introduce our Smart Community System to the masses.

Compared to our previous debut in 2017, i-Neighbour now has certainly expanded and currently offers more features than before by displaying how the Internet of Things (IoT) devices such as BLE-2 and BLE-16 can be used in conjunction with i-Neighbour. To give our crowd a better understanding, an actual barricade were placed at the center of our booth to showcase the exact way in which the BLE-2 is implemented and how i-Neighbour can easily allow users to gain access into a neighbourhood.

That’s not all, other IoT devices i.e. BLE-16, Smart Locks, Smart Alarm and etc were likewise exhibited to display the extensive nature and capabilities of i-Neighbour as well as the way in which a Smart Community is established. Additionally, the i-Neighbour App also improves the communications between neighbourhood’s management, residents and security guards with features such as Report Defect, Facility Booking, Maintenance Payment, Panic Button, QR Code Access and many more.
Report Defect
Facility Booking
Maintenance Payment
Panic Button
QR Code Access
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