i-Neighbour Features
Visitor Management
Register in Advance & Get Instant Access
Generate QR code once your visit pre-registration is approved!
Invite Guests
Organizing a party? Send out invitations to your guests. They will receive a QR code for easy entry into community.
Statistic Reports
Generate useful reports and analyze visitation activity statistics in the community.
Registration for Vendors
Present a recurring schedule and get a multiple entry pass for future visits.
MyKad Friendly for Malaysians
Speed up registration process by using your MyKad for walk-in registration.
Residential Management
Informative Info Zone
Get in the zone. Access bulletin board for announcements, contacts and documents.
Warm up to Merchant Network
Get to know your community merchants, complement and grow together!
Want to make a change in your community?
Create a poll and call on residents to vote.
Online Facility Management
Simplify facility management by booking community facilities directly from your smartphone.
Easy Payment Platform
Pay maintenance and other miscellaneous fees via i-Neighbour, hassle-free.
Panic Button and Alarm System
In the event of an emergency, trigger the Panic Button to activate alarm and send SOS alerts to emergency contacts.
Incident Reports for Everyone
Keep a watchful eye lodge incident reports and maintain a safe community environment.
Blacklist Menace
Blacklist unwelcomed troublemakers from entering the community.
Smart Community Accounting System for i-Neighbour
Payment & e-Billing
e-GHL Payment Gateway
Residents and owners can pay management and maintenance fees online using debit or credit cards through e-GHL payment gateway.
*This is an optional paid feature. The resident association needs to register for an account with e-GHL to use this feature.
Accounting Middleware for SQL Accounting
Residential Management can integrate and manage their residential finances such as invoices from i-Neighbour account to SQL Accounting or vice versa.
*SQL Accounting is sold separately.
Import and manage invoices from third party software such as IFCA system, into i-Neighbour to let Residents view their invoices and payment statuses via their i-Neighbour accounts.
Mobile App for Convenience
Manage visitors from your smartphones and receive updates.
Multiple languages are available in the App.