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Smart Panel
Achieve security and friendliness at the community frontline and at the same time with i-Neighbour Smart Panel for Security Module
QR/QF Master
QR/QF Master and TimeTec BLE-2 combined to achieve realtime, secure and authentic visitor access.
Smart Card Reader / QR Code
For ensuring data accuracy and cutting down walk-in registration time.
Siren Kit: SK-911
An alert for security guards whenever residents trigger the Panic Button.
Smart Access Reader
Door access for glass and metal door in lobby entrance, public facility and residents’ house.
Smart Barrier Gate
Secure, convenient way of controlling residents’ access to barrier gate.
  • TimeTec BLE-2
  • TimeTec Long Range RFID Long Range
  • Smart License Plate Recognition (LPR)

(Inclusive of up/down button box, loop detector, sign board, aluminium arm)
Smart Lift
A more convenient, much lower cost way of controlling a lift. Residents can access lift by using i-Neighbour App.
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Smart Lock Series
Smart door lock for public facilities and residents’ house.
Smart Turnstile
To control access of walk-in visitor and/or unauthorised personnel in a neighbourhood and office tower.
NOTE: if you wish to access turnstile using i-Neighbour, TimeTec BLE-2 relay board will have to be installed onto the turnstile.
Your neighbourhood public CCTV, which can be accessed by admins and other authorised residents.
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