Frequently Asked Questions
  Does i-Neighbour work on Mac?
Yes. i-Neighbour is a web-based solution that works on Mac on Safari, Chrome or FireFox browser.
  How do I access i-Neighbour through my smart phone?
Type in "" on your phone’s browser to visit i-Neighbour’s website or you can install i-Neighbour’s mobile app from iOS App Store or Android Google Play.
  Do I have to install additional software to use i-Neighbour?
Definitely not necessary. i-Neighbour works perfectly on all major web browsers.
  Does i-Neighbour keep visitor records?
Yes, we keep history records. The management committee can view and print all visitor records for further analysis, and tenants can view and print individual visitor records.
Visitor Pre-registration
  How to pre-register a visitation? Do I need to pay for registering?
A Step-By-Step Guide is available to assist you, access it at “Get Started” and learn away. Visitor pre-registration is Free of Charge!
  Do I have to sign up as a member to pre-register a visitation?
Not a member, no problem. i-Neighbour allows non-member to pre-register of a visitation hassle free. If you have time and want to enjoy member's benefits, sign up is free of charge.
  What is the difference between member and non-member?
i-Neighbour members are given individual membership accounts complete with password, which allow them to log into the account to check visitation records and add personal notes on individual visit. Members do not have to fill up visitor registration form because the i-Neighbour has kept the profile data in cloud server.

i-Neighbour does not keep any record of the non-members except for the details required by the neighbourhood they visit.
  The neighbourhood that I entered is not on i-Neighbour list. What should I do?
If you have entered the correct name of the neighbourhood but it is not shown in the list, it probably means that the neighbourhood has not yet joined i-Neighbour. Invite the neighbourhood to join i-Neighbour by clicking “Invite Neighbourhood”.
  The unit number that I want to visit is not on the list. What should I do?
Kindly reconfirm with your friend/relative on the correct unit number. Most likely you have entered the wrong one. However, if you have entered the correct information but you couldn’t find what you are looking for, contact for assistance.
  The person I want to visit is not on the list. What should I do?
Please confirm with your friend/relative their registered name on i-Neighbour. We are very strict on the visitee’s names and units’ numbers to safeguard the neighbourhood.
  I want to visit my friend but his neighbourhood is not registered with i-Neighbour. What should I do?
In that case, you may introduce i-Neighbour to your friend. Click on “invite neighbourhood” on our web portal, and promote this cloud vistor management system to his/her neighbourhood. Thank you for your good deed.
  What do I do after I’ve completed the visitor pre-registration?
Sit back, relax and wait for our notification.

1.You will receive an email notification about your pre-registration.
2.If you are a member of i-Neighbour and you have installed i-Neighbour mobile app, you will receive notification via the app.

You can also go to , click “Track Registration” and use the registration number you have been given after you completed the pre-registration steps.
  I receive a QR Code from i-Neighbour. What is it for?
After your pre-registration has been approved by your visitee, you will receive a QR code, which acts as your visitor express pass for the security of the neighbourhood you want to visit. Then you may proceed to simply scan and access the premise.
  I need to do multiple visits to a certain neighbourhood as I am a tuition teacher. Do I need to register for each visitation?
No you don’t. You only need to apply for a one-off regular visitation. However, if you are visiting different units at the same neighbourhood, you need to do it separately for different units because your approvals from different unit owners are mandatory.
Join i-Neighbour
  Who can join i-Neighbour?
Everyone can join as an i-Neighbour member, however to join as a neighbourhood, it will be best if you are a committee of your resident’s association because you will need more information to build the entire accounts of your neighbourhood.
  How to join as a neighbourhood?
A Step-By-Step Guide to join as a neighbourhood is available, go here to access the document. “Get Started”.
  What are the benefits of joining i-Neighbour as a visitor member?
As a i-Neighbour member, you can always log into your i-Neighbour member account to check your visitation records and personal notes on individual visit. You can also save time on filling up visitor registration form because i-Neighbour will keep your profile data in our cloud server. And it is free of charge!
  I am from a residential management company. Can I also join i-Neighbour?
As a residential management company, you are welcome to join us as an i-Neighbour Reseller. You are welcome to our “Reseller Program” to know more.
  I am from a security company. Can I join i-Neighbour?
For a security company like you, your client, i.e. the neighbourhood/management company will join and add you as a member. You need to activate your i-Neighbour account after you’ve been added by them.
  I am just an owner/resident of a neighbourhood, can I sign up?
You are encouraged to contact your resident’s association representative to sign up with us. After they have signed up the neighbourhood with us, you will get an invitation to login your owner/resident account.

Alternatively, you may sign up your neighbourhood with us first, and later transfer the administrative rights to the authorised personnel to facilitate the whole visitor management process.
For Residents
  I’ve just activated my resident account. What are the special features I should look forward to use?
As a resident of i-Neighbour, you can invite your guests by pre-registering for their visitation. A QR code will be sent to your guest once you have completed the pre-registration. Wouldn’t your friends and family be pleased knowing that they are welcome to your house?
  How can I know if someone has pre-registered to visit me?
If you are one of the decision makers of the unit, you will receive notification via email or mobile app that someone is visiting you. It’s up to you to approve/decline the registration just by a simple click.
  Can I use i-Neighbour to block certain unwelcomed visitors from entering our neighbourhood?
Yes, i-Neighbour provides a blacklisted feature. Blacklisted personnel will be in the neighbourhood’s record to alert security personnel to block them from entering your premises.
  After I have approved/declined a visitation, can I change my decision?
Of course. You can change your decision by editing the “Visitor listing” and move the blacklisted visitor(s) to the white list.
  The visitation time that my guest requested is not suitable, can I suggest him/her another time on the same day?
Definitely, i-Neighbour is designed with such flexibility that even when you’ve approved a pre-registration, you have an option to send your guest a short message to suggest another time on the same day.
  Can I get a reminder for a certain visitation?
Yes, you can set a reminder of each visitation when you approved it.
  Can I invite guest if my neighbourhood adopts your cloud system?
Yes, it's a two-way system, guest can pre-register visitation, and vice versa, resident can invite guest too.
  Can I make a remark in your system for some friends’ visitation for my own future reference?
Yes, you can make a personal note in our system that can only be seen by you when you login to our system by using your username and password for tracking purpose.
For Residential Management / Committee
  What information do I need to gather before I start setting up my neighbourhhood accounts?
You will need to have unit details of your neighbourhood, contact emails of unit owners and security manager. Invite them to activate their account and to fill in their profiles respectively.
  What do I do after I’ve signed up my neighbourhood in i-Neighbour?
You will receive a verification email that requires you to activate your account. Our system will guide you to set up your community by filling up your neighbourhood profile, total units, field requirements for visitation, inviting residents to join and fill up their particulars, and etc.
  How do I know who will be visiting my neighbourhood on a certain day?
You can go to “Visitor Listing” to view the full list.
  Can I approve/decline visitation on behalf of the unit owner/residents?
Unfortunately, this is beyond your control. Only the unit owners and their decision makers can approve/decline any visitations.
  Can I block a visitor?
Yes, as a admin of your neighbourhood you can block a visitor with a valid reason.
 Can I unblock a visitor?
Yes, as admin of your neighbourhood you can also unblock a visitor with a valid reason.
  How can I know who has checked in/out my neighbourhood?
You can monitor the visitation statuses of your neighbourhoood at “Visitor Listing”.
  I want to know at a certain moment, information of visitors in my neighbourhood. Where can i view it?
“Report” will provide you with clear information of visitors along with their timestamps.
  What kind of list/report I can get in i-Neighbour system?
You can generate owner list, resident list and tenant list after the owners/residents and tenants have respectively completed their profiles.

You can also generate visitor list by segregating them into approved/declined list.

For reports, you will be able to view visitation report by daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly.

You can also able to view the peak and off-peak hours of most visitations held, so that you can arrange security force effectively.
  As a Residential Management Representative, what are other benefits of joining i-Neighbour?
i-Neighbour is a great tool to collect details from every unit of your neighbourhood. You can easily keep information of your community population profile and to improve communication within your community, aside from visitor management.
  As a Residential Management member, can I define the required info to be filled for visitors?
Yes, the Residential Management can define the visitor’s information fields to be filled based on their security concerns.
For Security Company
  I’m from a security company. My clients haven't signed up for i-Neighbour, could I sign up for them?
It is advisable that your clients sign up for themselves, before they can add you as their security administrator because the system could contain confidential information about the neighbourhood that needs to be filled up during set up which you don’t have any knowledge about.
  Would the security company be furnished with a full list of a neighborhood’s visitation records?
A security company will only be furnished with the list for the previous 24 hours and the 24 hours after their shift. The list they have would only consist of information of the approved, declined and blacklisted visitors.
  Can I sign up as a Security Company account in i-Neighbour?
Currently, the i-Neighbour only allows the neighbourhood RA/management to invite a security company, hence you cannot sign up directly to i-Neighbour as a Security Company. However, you can recommend the neighbourhood management to sign up with i-Neighbour and invite you into the system.
  What should I do when I received an invitation email from our client to join i-Neighbour?
Click the activation link you received to activate your account and you will be directed to your i-Neighbour account for setup.
  Do I have to register all my guards into i-Neighbour?
Not necessarily. You only need to register guards that are assigned to a particular neighbourhood. Fill in all the fields with your guards’ information as required by the residential management of that neighbourhood.
  If I have 3 clients that are using i-Neighbour, would I be having 3 separate accounts in i-Neighbour?
No, you will be having only ONE i-Neighbour account to manage all your 3 clients. It’s important that you provide the same email address to all your clients, because the invitation and account activation will be based on that email address.
  What happen to the account if my client terminates their contract with us?
Your account will remain in our system, and still connected to your other client’s account. The only difference is, you will not be able to view the information of the client that has terminated their contract with you.
  Can any of the guards blacklist a visitor?
No. This right is only given to the Residential Management. However, if the guards monitored suspicious visitors or stumbled upon any criminal activities, they can report these suspects to the Residential Management and the community police for further action.
  What’s the standard procedure of using i-Neighbour?
Security guards are responsible to guard the access to your client’s premises. Here are the procedures when using i-Neighbour.
I. For pre-registered visitors: Visitors will have to present the visitor’s QR code for the guard to scan with smartphone. If the QR code is valid, the visitor may access to the neighbourhood. However, if the QR code is invalid, the guard will have to do on-the-spot registration. The residential management may apply additional security measures such as matching of ID card number, and etc, depending on the rules set. Always check with the residence management on their visitation policy.
II. For walk-in visitors: Fill in the on-the-spot registration form and submit it for host’s approval. Wait for the host to response and provide the access when the host has approved. Visitor may call the host for immediate response. For neighbourhood in Malaysia, we recommend them to use Smart Card Reader to speed up the registration as some details can be obtained directly from MyKad.
  What does a security company like us need to have, to be able to use i-Neighbour?
Security Company will need smartphones for security guards to scan visitor QR code at the guardhouse. For on-the-spot registration, we suggest to have a tablet or a laptop to provide convenience for both guards and visitors to key in visitors’ details for registration. The tablet or laptop also can provide a better view of the visitor list for the whole day (24 hours before and after).
  I like i-Neighbour and would like to promote the system to my clients. Can I be i-Neighbour reseller?
Yes, of course! Please refer to i-Neighbour Reseller Program for more information.
On Subscription and Payment
  I am not sure if i-Neighbour is suitable for my neighbourhood, do you provide a free trial?
Yes, there is a 3-month-free trial available for all neighbourhoods before they decide to continue with our paid services.
  What happens after the 3-month free trial?
If you decide to continue using i-Neighbour VMS, all you need to do is click to subscribe when you receive our follow-up emails. If you decide not to continue with us, you can download all the important data/transaction within 2 weeks after the 3 months trial, before the data is purged.
  How much is the subscription fee if I wish to continue?
The subscription fee is only USD12 per active unit per year. We only charge those units who are using i-Neighbour, i.e. active units that the unit owners have activated their accounts. For example, if there is a total of 100 units in your neighbourhood but only 60 active units that are using i-Neighbour, it will be USD 12 x 60 = USD720 per year only. You do not need to pay for the VMS software, only pay per active unit for unlimited residents and visitations.
  What does "active unit" mean?
Active unit means the unit that the owners have successfully activated their respective accounts via the invitation/activation email sent by their management and have their details filled up accordingly.
  Is there any discount available?
Yes, there may be discounts available from time to time. Always check out our follow-up emails or newsletters.
  How should I pay for subscription fees?
You can pay via third party payment gateway that i-Neighbour engages with, i.e. Paypal. With this gateway you can easily pay by credit cards.
  I don't prefer doing payment transactions online. Can I use other payment modes?
You can also pay by bank transfer. Please write in to our support portal to get more information about this.
  I prefer to pay in local currency, what should I do?
We charge the subscription fees in US dollar. If you would like to pay using your local currency, you may choose to pay via bank transfer. But the total amount would be based on the exchange rate of your local currency against US dollar at the time of payment.

For neighbourhoods in Malaysia, we do accept subscription fees in Malaysian Ringgit. Your system will automatically change it to MYR according to your address and location.
  Do I need to pay bank charges when I make the online payment to you?
No. You just need to pay the exact amount of the billing.
On Support
  How do I get technical support for i-Neighbour?
Our support portal can be contacted via email at for a swift reply. i-Neighbour support is available during office hours, i.e. Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm, Malaysian Time. You can also talk to our support team via SKYPE, please refer to Talk to us to get more information.
  I'm not familiar with i-Neighbour. What is the best way to setup my account?
The instruction guide is available to assist you. All you need to do is follow the instructions provided and you'll be able to setup your account in no time. Should there be any problems, our support team is available for assistance.
On Hardware
  Is there any hardware I need to deploy with i-Neighbour VMS in my neighbourhood?
To set up your neighbourhood account in i-Neighbour, you need a computer (laptop or desktop or even iPad) with Internet connection and an up-to-date web browser.

Your security company will need to provide mobile devices to the Security Guard Supervisor such as iPad or mobile phone so that they can check the approved visitor list and scan the QR code for each visitation.

For On-The-Spot registration, guests will need to provide information to the security personnel, who will then use the mobile devices issued to them to add the data into i-Neighbour.

For neighbourhoods in Malaysia, the resident’s association or security department can opt to purchase MyKad reader. Please contact our local reseller regarding MyKad reader.
  Do you have a mobile application for i-Neighbour?
Yes, we do have a mobile application for i-Neighbour.

iOS     Android
  Is there any local support for i-Neighbour?
The i-Neighbour support portal is set up in Malaysia at the moment. You may contact us via email, Skype, GoogleTalk during working hours i.e. Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm (GMT+8). Know more about the procedures of getting supports from us at Support Roadmap.
  Where is the location of the i-Neighbour Cloud Server?
Currently, the i-Neighbour Cloud platform is located in West California, United States of America.
  Do you set up your own cloud platform, or do you work with a third party vendor?
i-Neighbour is currently working with Amazon EC2 who acts as our Cloud platform provider.
  What is the uptime guarantee for i-Neighbour?
On Termination
  Am I able to get any refund when my neighbourhood wants to terminate its subscription?
Yes, you will be able to get the refund for the unutilized subscription calculated by months minus the administration charges of USD 10 and bank charges. 
  Can I retrieve my neighbourhood data when our company had decided to terminate i-Neighbour's subscription?
Yes, we will send you a link via your registered email for you to download your data in csv format. It is recommended that you download the relevant data during the grace period of 45 days. After the grace period, we will remove your data from our server and any lost of data after that grace period is regretful.
  Can my neighbourhood renew my subscription when it has already been terminated?
Renewal of your subscription is available within 45 days of grace period after termination is approved. After that, your data will be removed from our server, and you have to start with a new subscription and go through all the system set up process again.