i-Neighbour API - Overview
It has been two months since the launch of i-Neighbour and to keep up the momentum, we have launched an Application Programming Interface (API) for i-Neighbour!

The i-Neighbour API provides users with a web services Application Programming Interface (API) which will enable third-party application developers to integrate with i-Neighbour. Additionally, the API provides a complete set of interfaces to access your organization’s information by using simple, powerful and secure application programming interfaces.

i-Neighbour API provides numerous benefits for you as detailed below:
Easy and fast RESTful API with data return in JavaScript Object Notation’s (JSON) lightweight format.
Runs on the SSL secure access layer (HTTPS) where you can log in using your username and given password.
  Retrieves neighbourhood information, user information, contact & document, incident report, IOT devices information and company licensing information.
The retrieved data is formatted in real-time, causing no delay whatsoever.
Completed function details, developer manual and sample source code in PHP format will be provided.
Works with any programming languages that supports standard REST Web Services.